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5 advantages of a solar facade for real estate redevelopment

Jul 12, 2022

How sustainable is your building? Solar energy is seen as the most important energy source in the future. With the increase in energy performance regulations, existing buildings are in dire need of integrated renewable energy solutions. Here, real estate contributes to redevelopment, from meeting the new energy label obligations to the energy yield of the facade.

Discover the 5 benefits of a sustainable solar facade from Solarix for real estate redevelopment!

5 advantages of facade solar panels for real estate redevelopment - Solarix

1. Meets the new energy label requirements

With the new obligations from the Building Decree 2012, an office building must have at least energy label C as of 1 January 2023 in order to be allowed to be in use. According to theNetherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) , this means “a primary fossil energy consumption of a maximum of 225 kWh per m2 per year”.

By integrating a solar facade into real estate redevelopment, you kill two birds with one stone, because you not only create a beautiful aesthetic facade, but you also make the building more sustainable in terms of energy consumption. With a Solarix facade you can even realize at least one or two label jumps and thus also generate energy!

First view the current energy label of your office on the National Government EP-online EP-online and then do our SolarCheck SolarCheck to see what we can do for your real estate redevelopment.

2. Creates aesthetic added value for redevelopment projects

Solar panels are crucial in the energy transition, but their functionality often detracts from the aesthetics of a building. Black surfaces on roofs look anything but attractive. In our view, however, aesthetics are an important part of the urban environment. As co-founder Reinier once said in the Financieel Dagblad: “solar panels don’t have to be objects that you hide on the roof, you can also see them as the beautiful skin of a building”.

With our vision we therefore combine functional with beautiful. We do this by means of colored solar panels on the facade with different collections in structure, depth and colours. So we look much further than the standard black solar panels on the roof. Solarix thus creates more design and color options for architects and developers to realize intelligent buildings.

That our solar facades provide aesthetic added value to redevelopment projects became clear with the realization of themulti-company building Pharosin Hoofddorp. For the project, 450m2 covering facade was fitted with our design facade solar panels. From boring to beautiful and sustainable. During the day the facade contributes to the energy yield and in the evening the LED points in the facade illuminate the station square in front of it.

Pharos building for redevelopment with solar panels on the facade

Pharos building for redevelopment with solar panels on the facade

Pharos building with facade solar panels real estate redevelopment

Pharos building after redevelopment with solar panels on the facade

3. Replaces existing facade cladding

Many existing buildings of 25 years or older that have facade panels need to be replaced. A new sustainable facade therefore increases the value of a building. Solarix panels are also not only durable, but also attractive to look at. Give the facade an extra dimension!

Over the past 8 years, our design philosophy has resulted in beautiful facades with a high yield when replacing existing cladding. With the current team and knowledge, there is a reliable and professional basis for redeveloping facades from 100m2 to several thousand square meters.

We like to think along from a facade solution to a total solution for a building or area. In this way we can step in from the start, but also later in the construction process, and make our contribution to the redevelopment of real estate.

. Generates sustainable energy

The facade as an energy supplier? It’s possible! Roof solar panels are still often only considered first for the redevelopment of real estate, but solar energy from the facade gives a better distribution of energy yields and thus also prevents grid congestion.

Especially for high-rise buildings, buildings where there is little space on the roof or where roofs are unsuitable, solar panels on the facade are a beautiful and sustainable alternative to roof solar panels for energy yield. The available space on the roof can then be used for roof gardens, which in turn also contribute to urban greening.

We design and develop our own colors and collections of Solar facade panels, with optimum efficiency. A good example of a building that used to have a regular facade, but now generates sustainable energy is the redevelopment project of the Kuijpers officeinHelmond.

uijpers building for redevelopment with facade solar panels

uijpers building for redevelopment with facade solar panels

Kuijpers building with facade solar panels real estate redevelopment

Kuijpers building after redevelopment with facade solar panels

Kuijpers’ office was the first building in the world to receive Solarix’s innovative, energy-generating, colored solar panel facade in 2018. Here too, the new solar design facade is not only beautiful, but already generates so much energy that it provides the entire lighting for the building! In addition, the LED lighting also communicates with the environment here.

5. Makes money

How much facade space do you have available? Where a regular facade yields nothing, a facade with solar panels provides not only an aesthetic added value, but also literally an energy yield. In this way you use the full potential of the building and you even earn your money back with the facade.

With our SolarCheck we calculate the potential energy yield of the facade, but also the payback time and installation costs. The more facade surface you have available in real estate redevelopment, the greater the impact and energy yield.

Solar Building potential - Pharos building returns Solarix

Our vision is that all new buildings and renovation projects will be equipped with energy-generating solar facades in the near future. As a market leader, we offer the best and above all the most beautiful solution with our design collection with optimal colours, yields and integration options.

Discover the SolarCheck

Curious how we can contribute to the label jump of your building? With the free SolarCheck, we use concrete examples and clear calculation models to show what solar facades can mean for real estate redevelopment.


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