Beautiful Transition – Carolina Wilcke and Reinier Bosch

Chair SZ 64, neon text Future burns skin, but Bright falters: Beautiful Transition is a design that captures the essence of our times. The design by Carolina Wilcke (product designer, Studio Carolina Wilcke) and Reinier Bosch (designer, Studio Solarix) has gained extra meaning with the corona crisis by making the public think about the changes: could this be a nice one? “This is an extra dimension to the question we are already working on in our daily practice. We investigate how beauty and storytelling with objects and buildings can contribute to the transition of cities. We all want a sustainable and healthy environment for our children, and now we feel that even more than before. ”

Solar cells have been incorporated in the seat and back of the chair, which provide the neon text with energy. An image on the border of art and design that makes you think about how to deal with objects in a sustainable way. “Martin Visser gave a face to the reconstruction with his furniture such as the SZ 64, but we are actually now in such a phase. We have to rethink everything. While Visser made design accessible to a large audience, we want to make sustainable design attractive to a large audience by using smart materials. ”

Beautiful Transition is part of the exhibition “The sofa bed that opened eyes”, in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. The opening of the exhibition has been postponed until further notice due to the corona crisis.