Cobouw Gamechanger on tour

Studio Solarix founders Marloes van Heteren and Reinier Bosch were guests at Cobouw’s “Gamechangers on Tour” about innovative frontrunners in construction. They talked to editor-in-chief Eric Verweij and investigative journalist Thomas van Belzen about how Solar Design solar panels on facades make the world more beautiful and sustainable.

Currently, there are many bears on the road in construction. The lead time is long, exacting rules and not everyone is aware of applicable and effective innovations. Cobouw therefore launched the video series “Gamechangers” to create more attention for the innovation climate in the Netherlands. Marloes and Reinier took them along in Solarix’s voyage of discovery and how those bears can really be put off the road.

Solar panels in the pasture? Stick them against facades!
Currently, there is still a lot of investment in just solar panels on roofs or in meadows, but more than 250 square kilometers of facades are available in the Netherlands. Studio Solarix explained to Verweij and van Belzen that these are all potential energy sources. Why not take advantage of this?

Gamechangers emphasizes that there are many prejudices in construction. Studio Solarix shows that innovation is really possible and easy to realize. The innovative building Pharos in Hoofddorp is one of many examples. This old building has been decorated by Studio Solarix with colorful facades that generate energy efficiently and look beautiful. This brings us closer to our dream of effectively equipping as many facades as possible in the Netherlands with solar panels without making buildings “ugly”.

Don’t limit, but inspire
Van Belzen put Studio Solarix to the test: whether traditional black solar panels have a higher efficiency? Fortunately, we can prove that the Solar Design panels are also efficient and can pay for themselves. The business model that is currently being developed is based on a payback model of 8 to 9 years.

A characteristic of Studio Solarix’s solar panels is that technology and design are brought together to create a beautiful product that generates as much energy as possible and looks beautiful. The solar panels are therefore not limiting, but inspiring! This inspiration often comes from nature and the solar panels are then optimized for energy generation and that they match well with other building materials.

Dream and do
Studio Solarix’s dreams are not only about the wallet, but largely about the sustainable pursuit. That is why we are also working towards providing most of the facades in the Netherlands with our Solar Design facades within 5 years. In addition, we are working towards a future with circular solar panels that can be used everywhere. We don’t just dream, we do!

There are so many possibilities in Dutch construction and Studio Solarix, like Gamechangers, hopes to inform architects and project developers about innovations. For example, we know that we can also generate energy with beautiful design façade panels. What can Dutch construction do? The turnaround time could be faster … This is already being realized abroad. Who’s it now?

Free online event: Trends & Transitions
Cobouw is organizing the online event on March 25 about how we can make construction sustainable and future-proof faster. Studio Solarix will speak that day and you will be provided with indispensable tools and expertise to build smarter. apply now >


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