Green facade: sustainability has never been so beautiful.

Green facade: sustainability has never been so beautiful. Green facades should do much more than generate energy, they should also add aesthetics.

Adding a green facade produces much more energy

Making the urban environment more sustainable is a quest for all parties involved. In a densely built-up urban area, the roofs provide insufficient space to make a significant contribution to the necessary energy transition. Thinking in a green facade opens up new possibilities. The facade becomes energy-generating and thus contributes to making the building energy neutral.

Contribution to a liveable city

The appearance of the buildings is very decisive for how we experience the urban environment. The green facade of Studio Solarix has been developed from the philosophy of making the city more livable. A pleasant environment, with an eye for beauty, forms the basis of what we call Solar Design.

Green facade inspires people to act sustainably

By creating a green facade, we want to do more than provide energy in a beautiful way. Solarix’s facade panels offer the perfect opportunity to connect with the environment. LED light can respond to the environment and make people aware of the energy that the building provides in a pleasant way. A great way to inspire people.