Inspired by nature: the new Line solar facade panels collection

Jun 29, 2021

How do you ensure that solar facade panels are aesthetically pleasing and ensure efficient energy yield? By using special printing techniques and nature as a starting point, the latest expansion ofSolarix Colours was created: de Line Collection. Designer Eefiene Bolhuis takes you through the development of the new solar panels.

“For this collection, we wanted to give a more material feel to our designs, reflecting the ‘imperfection’ of nature that inspired us,” says Eefiene. By looking at veins on leaves, she began to texture the panels with hand-drawn lines and colours. Precisely by preserving imperfections in the drawn lines, a natural pattern is created that makes the facade look natural when you walk past it.

“We looked at the grain structures of leaves and lines in wood that repeat themselves, giving depth and shape to the surface. These lines are never straight and all unique and different.”

Coloring outside the lines
At Studio Solarix we are always looking for innovative and endless possibilities. Our solar panels are therefore designed in such a way that they have unique patterns, so that you can continue to vary the facade of the built environment. The beauty of the Line collection Line collection lies in the way in which the lines are applied and combined with the color on the solar panels. Eefiene explains: “the lines provide color nuances up close and suggest smooth movements from afar”.

These smooth movements are created by using a hard pen line on one panel and a softer brush stroke on another. In addition, by combining the multiple lines horizontally, vertically, diagonally or even over each other, even more dimension can be created.

Away from boring black solar panels
Because solar facade panels are played with in the Studio Solarix with the lines and transparency, they are anything but boring. The use of the latest printing techniques with inspiration from nature makes the solar panels come to life.

“The skin of a building should feel friendly and pleasant to stay in, look good to walk by and have certain natural imperfections.”

In addition, Eefiene emphasizes that the ‘black’ of solar panels is not avoided, but is cleverly integrated into the pattern so that the energy yields are increased. The Line collectioncan therefore contribute to energy-neutral buildings that generate more energy than they consume and that look beautiful.

Stap dichter bij onze circulaire ambitie

The latest collection from Solarix Colors is part of Studio Solarix’s mission to enable the energy transition. “With our sustainable facade applications, we can achieve more than 25% CO2 reduction in the built environment over the next 25 years,” says Eefiene. On to more solar facade panels so that we can reduce the CO2 emissions of the built environment!

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