Seen in the New York Times: The Residential Area of ​​the Future

Studio Solarix will contribute to the smartest neighborhood in the world: Brainport Smart District in the Helmond neighborhood of Brandevoort.

What is Brainport Smart District?
Studio Solarix, Cube Architecten, CRA Vastgoed and Kijken Urbanism will show their vision of the city of the future by means of 50 houses with energy-generating facades. This smartest neighborhood in the world is being realized in the Helmond neighborhood of Brandevoort. Read more in it New York Times article .

How do you design the neighborhood of the future?
The starting point of Studio Solarix was the realization of minimally energy-neutral homes with which you largely generate the energy through the facades. Together with a design team and developer, we investigated what the most optimal urban layout is for a neighborhood with energy-generating facades. The facades and orientation of the facades play an important role in this. We also looked at the extent to which we could get rehearsal in the Solarix facade panels, without it becoming a monotonous architectural design. Naturally, this entire plan is substantiated in such a way that it justifies the investment in sustainability and the future.

How are we going to do that with energy-generating solar facades?
The Studio Solarix solar facade is the guiding principle in the design. The concept is to use prefab elements to develop a system that can be used to realize different housing types. With the design we strive to minimize the depletion of resources (sustainable materials and lighting, recyclable) and maximize the potential (sustainable energy, data).

Read more about it project Brainport Smart District.


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