Solar Design: An active facade provides energy.

Solarix gives energy to people: The active facade provides green energy, while the design and smart applications stimulate and inspire passers-by.

The sustainable solution that tells a story

Solar panels hidden on the roof, insulation, although important sustainable solutions, they are hardly visible from the outside. We offer concrete solutions and like to get people to think about how the city can become more sustainable. We do this by involving them in sustainable solutions. That is why we think from the aesthetics and identity of the built environment. Solarix’s active facade is the sustainable solution that tells a story and touches people’s hearts.

An active facade is much more than sustainable

Studio Solarix has designed special facade panels in which solar cells are incorporated. While the façade panels provide green energy, they can also respond to people walking by or to weather conditions by means of LEDs and sensors. A really active facade!

What are the benefits of an active facade for your project?

The Solarix facade panels are perfectly applicable in new construction and redevelopment. There are many options for custom applications. Curious about the possibilities for your project? Be inspired and informed here.