Solar design facade panels applied in the BuurtBoost Optopper of project developer VORM

Jun 13, 2022

Last year, Solarix received the PROVADA Proptech Award from Daan van der Vorm. We are now a year further and our first collaboration is a fact with the integration of design facade solar panels in the modular housing solution: de BuurtBoost Optopper.

This Plug & Play solution for affordable sustainable homes on existing real estate is part of BuurtBoost. In February 2022, BuurtBoost joined forces with BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture, DAT Bouwsystemen (VORM’s wood factory, VORM’s Smart2Prefab initiative),The Urban Jungle Project and Solarix.

In three months they developed a complete prototype, suitable for topping up existing real estate. The result is ‘de Optopper’, which can be viewed from this week at the Sluishuis in IJburg Amsterdam.

Solar design facade panels - Optopper

What is the BuurtBoost (Neighborhood) Optopper?

Building project developer VORM has launched a modular housing solution based on the BuurtBoost initiative: the Optopper. A prefab full residential apartment, completely made of sustainably produced wood, with prefab bathroom and toilet. The Optopper provides rapid train speed in more affordable housing, applicable to almost every (post-war) apartment building. The Optopper has been developed as a flexible home product, for use in large numbers, for various target groups and according to a standard methodology.

“The housing shortage in our country is becoming problematic. Finding a home is almost impossible for many people,” says Mariette Broesterhuizen, Strategic Manager BuurtBoost. “Housing corporations and municipalities know what to do: tackle it, push ahead and rapidly expand the housing supply with affordable, sustainable and attractive homes, thus giving the neighborhood a ‘boost’. The Optopper is one of BuurtBoost’s unique products within our integrated approach that offers a solution for this.”

    Solar design Optopper panels from the Dot collection

    The panels used are chosen from the Dot collection. Color and design option 84 with Small dots in a melange of gray tones that complement the other facade materials in the Optopper.

    Solarix Optopper up close

    Sustainable and nature-inclusive with Solar design

    The Optopper is prefabricated from sustainably produced wood by DAT Bouwsystemen, VORM’s wood factory. The modular homes are supplied with a prefab bathroom and toilet from Smart2Prefab – also an initiative of VORM – and are provided with a facade of solar panels by Solarix. The Urban Jungle Project provides the Optopper with a green roof garden, where there is room for birds, bees, caterpillars and other insects.


    Solar design facade panels Optopper - details front
    Solar design facade panels - corner details

    Solar design facade panels in Optopper

    Solarix Solar design panels have been incorporated into the facade of the Optopper. Depending on the type of home, between 14 m2 and 26 m2 active facade solar panels have been installed. Each home is finished with matching custom dummy corner panels. The houses have an average generation of 1800 kWh, and meet the consumption of a standard terraced house. The energy label of the house is therefore a beautiful A++++, the most economical and green score.

    With the energy generated, a resident saves converted between € 1080 – € 1900 per year (calculated with the current energy price of € 0.60) on the energy bill. By generating energy in the facade, the space on the roof offers other possibilities for further sustainability; for example with a green roof.

    Solarix Solar design panels not only contribute to the energy generation of the home, but also to the objective of BuurtBoost aimed at aesthetic upgrading of existing neighbourhoods. For the Optopper, a choice has been made for designs from the Dot Collection: a melange of gray tones with a depth effect from both far and near The gray tones are in line with the architect’s wish for a calm, subdued color that matches the anthracite colors in the exterior of the house.

    We are proud of the result and the great collaboration. The BuurtBoost Optopper with integrated Solarix Solar design facade solar panels is another major step forward towards beautiful and efficient cities.

    To learn more about this project: De BuurtBoost

    Photography: Michel Kievits and Marijke Krekels


    Solar design facade panels nearby
    Solarix Neighborhood Boost Optopper - far away
    Solarix BuurtBoost Optopper - installation

    Installation facade solar panels on the Optopper.

    Solarix BuurtBoost Optopper - under construction

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