What do you get out of bed for in the morning?

In April 2020 I got out of bed for the first time for Studio Solarix! I started as a Business Developer, but first I wanted to know the ins and outs of the team. Why do we do what we do? So I first interviewed the entire team looking for the answers.

Of course everyone has their own individual story, but I soon found out that there was a common thread in the team. Regardless of the perspective as an architect, designer, product designer, artist or entrepreneur, they shared a vision and shared values.

Sustainable world
The Studio Solarix team creates a sustainable and beautiful world. Not just in words, but especially in deeds. On a global scale, at a national level, but also at an urban level: a beautiful sustainable city with sustainable neighborhoods and buildings. As cliché as it may sound, our young team is largely made up of parents who “want a beautiful and sustainable world for our children.” Who would not want that?

Human energy
Everything we do, we do with energy. Not only in kilowatt hours but especially in human energy. This energy with the right focus ensures growth within our scale-up. Just like sunlight ensures the growth of plants and flowers.

As a growing company, we are therefore always energetically looking for opportunities. Bears on the road are there to drive around or over. We do innovate. Leave it to others to do the talking, we just do it together with our customers and partners. Calculate the business case together with a developer or develop the right colors together with an Architect.

Candy shop
Our leitmotiv as a company? design. We have created a candy store with Solar Design solar panels for project developers and architects and we want to expand it further. Sexy facade panels that generate energy and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions. Wanting it because it is beautiful and durable.

Studio Solarix 2050
We have a long-term vision, for ourselves but also with our relations. The buildings with Studio Solarix go from sketch design to realization with a view of 3 to sometimes 5 years. We therefore have a vision for 2050 in which we are the market leader in making the world’s buildings more beautiful and sustainable with our innovative Design Solar Facades. Energy-neutral living and energy generation in the facade are mainstream! We cannot do this alone and that is why we like to work with partners and relations who also have a long-term vision and in which we find equal values.

The future will be more beautiful and sustainable with local energy from the facade. And if, after a few strategy sessions with the team, you come to the conclusion that we are going to conquer the world together, you will get out of bed every day full of energy!

Jasper Brommet | Business Developer at Studio Solarix

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