Circulair solar design:

Reusable facades that generate energy

Making buildings circular with solar design

It is the Week of the Circular Economy. A week to reflect on our impact on the environment. We want to make a significant contribution to reducing our impact with smart, beautifully designed and active facades that generate energy. This also includes the aim to make buildings circular. In this way we minimize the use of natural resources (sustainable materials, recyclable) and maximize the potential (sustainable energy, data and reuse).

New generations of circular solar panels

We are always looking for the latest techniques for the new generation of solar panels. For example, we develop a new material with fully integrated solar cells. These lightweight biocomposite facade panels consist of natural materials and thin-film solar cells. With this we not only limit the use of raw materials, but the raw materials we use are mainly natural and you can largely reuse the material.

Smart residential area with circular solar design

Circularity plays an important role in our task in the Brainport Smart District. We place the generation of energy at the heart of the design and thus create value for the environment. The concept that we want to apply in this smart residential area is based on a combination of modular wooden houses and a modular smart and energy-generating facade system. The facade elements are easy to assemble and disassemble, so that they can be reused in another way.