Design meets technique

Is the city of the future a black glass city? Solar panels are a wonderful sustainable initiative, but one that generally does not make the face much nicer. The black solar panels do generate energy, but they have no aesthetic value. Studio Solarix changes this with design solar panels that, in addition to optimal energy generation, also look beautiful; design meets technique.

New color technique

Studio Solarix is ​​always looking for new possibilities in the field of design and energy generation. The last months were therefore dominated by the design of new prints for the solar panels. For this we entered into collaboration with designers, such as designer Eefiene Bolhuis. Together we research and design patterns and material techniques for the solar design facade.

Guaranteeing energy generation

The Solar Design solar panels from Studio Solarix have prints that look beautiful from both far and near, but nevertheless generate optimal energy. Through good research in the field of color perception, dot size and space between dots, we ensure that the designed prints continue to look good and that the solar panels are optimized at the same time for generating energy. So we are always looking for the best possible combination between beautiful aesthetic designs for our solar panels and the amount of energy generated.

New collection

We divide the different designs of the solar panels into categories, so that we can create multiple collections. We will be launching the first collection soon. No more boring black solar panels, but a facade that looks beautiful and generates energy!

Do you want to get started with our new collection? Then contact us!