Is the corona crisis changing thinking about living more sustainably?

In recent years we have seen a slow but steady breakthrough in thinking about a sustainable future. Insights from an ever-increasing group of people on the one hand, feeling the limits of unlimited growth on the other, made the theme high on the (political) agenda. At the same time, sustainability is alive now much more than 10 years ago. It is a momentum in which Solarix is ​​also taking an active pioneering role in offering realistic and beautiful solutions for sustainable cities.

Three months on the road in 2020, the world looks very different at the moment. Like many others, we continue to work from home and notice the uncertainty, but also resilience. As with any crisis, the corona crisis also provides food for thought and reflection. After this crisis is under control and we go out again, will we go back to default? Or will we realize that the way we worked and lived in the past decades is no longer tenable? Will common values, in which living together and staying healthy together are central, also receive a permanent reappraisal, as these values ​​now receive during the crisis? And how does Solarix’s philosophy relate to this?

The corona crisis has exposed several problems of a sometimes over-the-top capitalist system. Financial, environmental and social returns are no longer in balance. The good news is that in recent years this system has been increasingly under discussion. Thinking about and offering solutions for a sustainable economy and restoring the balance has gained a foothold. The corona crisis can easily become an accelerator of this thinking.

We believe that we must take the road to a new, sustainable economy and that Solarix can contribute to this. Living in harmony with our environment, thinking about a healthy and liveable future for future generations are the drive with which we started Studio Solarix 5 years ago. With our energy-producing facade panels, we want to work on a smart, sustainable and beautiful urban environment that makes people proud of where they live and work. Our mission will not change after the crisis, it will soon be even more urgent.