Listening Tip: Reinier at Mayor’s Manual Podcast

What is the importance of energy transition? Our founder Reinier Bosch was a guest in Mayor’s Manual Podcast and spoke with Kenneth Keijns from the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute)and Sacha Stolp fromthe municipality of Amsterdamabout innovative solutions for the energy issues of today and tomorrow.

Examples of new ideas are discussed in each episode of Mayor’s Manual podcast. Ideas about value creation, ownership and use. Sacha Stolp got to know Studio Solarix during a presentation in New York and invited Reinier to the podcast. A unique opportunity that we are of course happy to take up. In addition to Studio Solarix, initiator Pallas Agterberg of Alliander was also a guest.

During the podcast, Renier spoke on behalf of Studio Solarix about the theme of change. Not only within an organization, but also outside it. How can you start a movement? So what do you run into? Of course all with regard to the current energy transition and which ones are yet to come in the future and of course our vision on this.

Curious about the podcast and this fun and innovative conversation? Listen to the full podcast at:


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