Pharos in Hoofddorp with 400 m² Solar Design facade

The sustainable business complex Pharos next to Hoofddorp CS station has recently been completed. With its energy-supplying, smart and beautiful facade by Studio Solarix, Pharos shows that the facade of the future has now been realized! We would like to thank client Cairn and contractor Coare and all our partners who have made this possible. Due to Covid-19, the grand opening will not take place until January 2021.

What is Pharos?

Pharos is an office building from 2003. The goal is to transform the building into the healthiest workcommunity of Europe in which circularity and energy supply are central. It will be the epitome of the circular economy. Studio Solarix is ​​involved in the redevelopment as a consultant and designer.

What does the solar facade consist of?

The solar facade contains 360 solar design by Studio Solarix and 90 Alpolic what together 450 facade panel.

How far are we?

The panels have now been installed and can be seen on the facade! We are still working on installing the LED lighting and sensors. They ensure that too at night the facade is a striking display. By means of the sensors and the LED, the facade responds to the environment and the users of the building. Soon we will show more of this on our website!



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