Solar facade panels Loskade Groningen

Loskade – Groningen.

The Loskade concept consists of prefab homes that can be installed on location in one day. Van Wijnen had asked Solarix to realize a facade on their new ‘pleasant living’ concept. A great challenge for Solarix in which we have done everything we can to contribute to the circular objective of De Loskade by adding a beautiful design to the prefab housing. The Loskade was completed in 2019 with the first facade panels on the stairwells. LEDs respond to people going up and down the stairs. The smart facade panels already make a major contribution to making the circular neighborhood of the future more sustainable, safer and more enjoyable. We remain involved with De Loskade for new additions to the homes.

Project type: New development
Status: Realized in 2019
Client: Van Wijnen Noord
M2 Solarix panels: 53 m²
Estimated annual energy generated: 3,400 kWh per year
Household energy consumption comparison: 1.1 avg. households
Estimated annual CO2 reduction: 1,465 kg CO2
Equals how many trees: 73 trees

Solar facade panels Loskade Groningen
Solar facade panels Loskade Groningen
Solar facade panels Loskade Groningen
Solar facade panels Loskade Groningen

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