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Van Happen.

The world of waste processing is changing. Sustainability and circular thinking are important themes in the industry. How do you continue to think in terms of sustainability and do you also radiate this as a company? For Happen Containers, waste collection, sorting, circular economy and sustainability are core business pillars. Their wish is a facade that also radiates these values; a facade that shows Van Happen’s activities and generates energy at the same time. Solarix and Van Happen have joined forces to come up with a beautiful solution for the facade. In the design, arrows constructed from energy-generating facade panels visually visualize the collection and sorting of waste at Van Happen.

Integrating solar design on business parks.
The corrugated iron facade cladding at the Van Happen building presented a challenge to mount solar panels. For this project, Solarix has researched various options and put together a mounting system that is suitable for corrugated iron facades. The knowledge gained creates many opportunities for similar buildings on industrial estates that have to work on a sustainability challenge.

The collaboration with Van Happen This assignment has stimulated us to think further about our own facade solar panels, to take a new step in circularity and residual flows in our production process.

Van Happen | Solarix
Van Happen | Solarix

Project type: Redevelopment
Status:Realized 2022
Client: Van Happen
M2 Solarix panels: 160 m²
Estimated annual energy generated: 14,300 kWh per year
Household energy consumption comparison: 4.8 avg. households
Estimated annual CO2 reduction: 6,163 kg CO2
Equals how many trees: 308 trees

Solarix | Van Happen Eindhoven
Solarix | Van Happen Eindhoven
Solarix | Van Happen Eindhoven

How much energy does your project generate?

In our non-binding Solarix SolarCheck we calculate how much energy your facade can generate based on satellite data and 3D project drawings.

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