Hit a double
Modifying an existing building is in itself a sustainable starting point. With a Solarix facade you can even realize at least one or two label jumps. Solar design is the answer to the energy transition!

Facade solution
Our team thinks along with you from the facade to a total solution for a building or area. This way we can step in from the start, but also later in the construction process and make our contribution.

Read more about the 5 benefits of a sustainable solar facade from Solarix for real estate redevelopment!

New construction

Solar design facade
A solar design facade provides a beautiful, eye-catching building and makes a major contribution to making your project more sustainable.

From design to realization
We develop facades from our own collection and create unique designs together with architects. We think along from design to realization. This is how we realize facades that generate energy and generate money in the long run!

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Curious about the possibilities of Solarix facade panels
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the possibilities and expected energy yield.

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