Solar roof panels



Coloured solar roof panels that match tiled roofs of new and historic buildings.

Solarix solar roof panels

Upgrade your roof with beautiful terra cotta solar


Half-cell N-type Terra module

Maximum power

325 WP




1722 x 1134 x 30 mm

Module technology

Glass- backsheet, with coloured frame

Solarix solar roof panels
Solarix solar roof panels

High-performance solar panels with unparalleled design

The solar cells are sandwiched between extremely stable tempered glass plate and backsheet guaranteeing a trustworthy performance and a supreme longevity. Our colour techniques have the best-in-class retention based on inorganic pigments that are virtually not affected by UV radiation.

Coloured frame. Easy installation and compatible with normal mounting systems.

10 years warranty on colour retention
12 years warranty for materials and processing
25 years warranty extra linear power output

Linear power degradation warranty
First year <3%
<0,67%/year over year 2-25
81% guaranteed power after 25 years

Solarix solar roof panels

Paving the way for a more sustainable world.

Reduce CO2 emissions
Solarix is leading the transitions towards a brighter future, enabling buildings to not only just consume energy, but to generate it, paving the way for a more sustainable world.

Founded in 2016, Solarix designs and produces aesthetic coloured solar panels for facades and roofs. The company has swiftly established itself as a trustworthy and well-known brand within the building industry. Besides solar roof panels, Solarix focusses on the development of standard and custom-made facade panels. With their unique colour technology, design collections and associated mounting system, the Solarix solar panels can be fully integrated into sustainable and aesthetic building solutions.

Solarix standaard gevel zonnepanelen
Standaard gevel zonnepanelen

Op onze energie opwekkende gevelpanelen zijn onze Solarix designs en kleuren toepasbaar. Bekijk onze collecties en vraag direct een sample aan.

Solarix standaard gevel zonnepanelen

Naast onze standaard panelen is maatwerk in afmetingen en design mogelijk. Ons bouwkundig- en designteam denkt mee van ontwerp tot realisatie.

Solarix standard solar facade panels
Standard solar facade panels

Our Solarix designs and colors can be applied to our energy-generating facade panels. View our collections and request a sample immediately.

Solarix standard solar facade panels

In addition to our standard panels, customization in dimensions and design is possible. Our architectural and design team thinks along from design to realization.

Hoeveel energie wekt jouw project op?

In de onze vrijblijvende Solarix SolarCheck berekenen we op basis van satellietdata en 3d project tekeningen hoeveel energie jouw gevel kan opwekken.

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