Solarix wins Emaar Innovation Challenge

May 24, 2022

High skyscrapers, lots of sun and a willingness to make major strides in making construction more sustainable. Dubai is a city with great potential for integrated solar energy solutions. We are therefore extremely proud that we have won the Emaar Innovation Challenge with our aesthetic solar facades!

Curve of the east and west arrangement versus south arrangement of solar energy

Of the 209 registrations for the challenge, Solarix was selected as one of the 14 parties for the ‘demo days’ in Dubai. A great program for a week organized by EMAAR in collaboration with Wouter Trufino Global Proptech with the latest innovations and the opportunity to get to know each other and Dubai better.

Watch a short video about the Emaar Innovation Challenge here

What is the Emaar Innovation Challenge?

Emaar is one of the largest project developers in Dubai, known for the tallest building in the world and Stocklisted to the Dow Jones. Emaar wrote the Innovation Challenge . In the Sustainability challenge, we were asked how we can use buildings in a sustainable way in the direction of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and which can actually be achieved. This includes daily energy consumption for the building’s utilities, production and transport of building materials and a system for waste management during and after construction.

    Energy production profile with improved match between price profile and solar energy generation with an east-west arrangement

    Solarix pitched for this Sustainability challenge and was selected together with Pininfarina, E.ON, WakeCap, OTTAN, Sablona, Vepa – Vertical Parking, Solcold, Zypho, Terrax, Vybe Construction, Recyclex, Basilisk Self-healing Concrete and Desert Board for an international adventure to Dubai. A wonderful week full of inspiration and new opportunities under the guidance of Wouter Truffino from Global Proptech.

    Solarix wins Emaar Innovation Challenge

    A sunny ending

    We couldn’t have closed the week better than proudly receiving the prize from the Emaar Innovation Challenge for the Sustainability component. As Solarix, we see enormous potential in all high-rise buildings, where a lot of energy can be generated with our aesthetic solar facades. The potential yield with the large amount of Sundays in Dubai is of course enormous.

    Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our aesthetic solar facades for project development? Contact our sales team: [email protected]

    Solarix wins Emaar Innovation Challenge
    Solarix wins Emaar innovation Challenge
    Solarix wins Emaar Innovation Challenge
    Solarix wins Emaar innovation Challenge

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