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Energy-generating facades

We make Solar Design Façade panels. The built environment is responsible for 36% of all CO2 emissions. With innovative solar panels on facades, Solarix contributes to the development of smart cities where buildings generate more energy than they consume.

By applying our solar panels, we want to achieve a minimum reduction of 25% CO2 emissions or realize completely energy-neutral buildings.

Origin Solarix
Founders Marloes van Heteren (architect) and Reinier Bosch (artist) have a great fascination for materials used in buildings. In 2016 they joined forces to give shape to the question: Can we develop a beautiful material with which architects and designers can design freely in the built environment?

Accelerating the energy transition

The city of tomorrow faces many challenges: greener, healthier and smarter. Technology has given us many opportunities. Yet technology is not the answer to the future, but what we as humans do with it is what matters. How can we contribute to building smart cities and thus accelerating the energy transition?

We have to look beyond just ordinary solar panels on the roof. Solarix is one of the first to pioneer in the development of aesthetic solar panels for the facade. This creates more design options for architects and developers to realize intelligent buildings.

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Solar Design facade panels

“Solarix is de enige ter wereld met uniek ontwikkelde kleuren en collecties voor esthetische energieopwekkende gevelpanelen. We manufacture solar panels with a deep color experience in combination with high energy generation.

“No more boring black solar panels, but a sustainable facade that looks good and generates energy.

The panels are coated with a high-quality ceramic color technique and can be produced with different textures such as matt and relief. Our solar facade panels match other facade materials, such as stone, composite wood or aluminum.

Develop collection

The solar designs have been developed together with designers, architects and our engineers who combine their concepts and craftsmanship with modern techniques and aesthetics. This multidisciplinary exchange offers a whole world of new revolutionaries for facades.

For our collections, we wanted to give our designs a more material feel, a reflection of the ‘imperfection’ of nature that inspired us. Timeless designs with a personal and human feeling, like a skin for a building.

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Achieving ambitious climate and energy neutral goals

Our solar panels are suitable for both new construction and renovation projects, both in the residential and commercial sector. For optimal application, panels are applied from 100m2.

High-rise buildings
On taller buildings, from 4 storeys, the application of our Solar Design system is a great way to meet the demand for renewable energy and create a high-quality facade finish.

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Solar Design Facades

Solarix has now delivered six projects with a unique solar design facade. The designs have been developed together with renowned designers, architects and engineers, so that aesthetics and modern technology fully come together.

We are currently developing many more projects. With the ambition to realize 40 km2 before 2030, we want to accelerate the energy transition of the built environment and achieve the objectives of the UN climate goals!

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