Our facades contribute to a green and solar-based future.

Beautiful and smart cities

We make Solar Design Façade panels. The built environment is responsible for 36% of all CO2 emissions. With innovative solar panels on facades, Solarix contributes to the development of smart cities where buildings generate more energy than they use.

By applying our solar panels, we want to achieve a minimum reduction of 25% CO2 emissions or realize completely energy-neutral buildings.


Solarix is the only one in the world with uniquely developed colors and collections for aesthetic energy-generating facade panels. We manufacture solar panels with a deep colour experience in combination with high energy generation.

The solar designs have been developed together with designers, architects and our engineers who combine their concepts and craftsmanship with modern techniques and aesthetics. This multidisciplinary exchange offers a whole world of new revolutionaries for facades.

Generating energy with design facades.

We realize solar design


Solarix design facades are eye-catching sustainable facades with a revenue model. Both in existing real estate, redevelopment and of course also in new construction. Solarix realizes Turn Key Solar Design facades. We are the partner for your solar facade and arrange everything from A to Z. From a Vila in green to a residential tower of 150 meters in brick red tones.

We design, supply, engineer, install, monitor and maintain Solar Design facades. Facades that can make a major contribution to increasing value, sustainability and specialization of architectural projects. Solarix has worked in the past 5 years with Cairn Real Estate, Van Wijnen, CRA Vastgoed and more.

Co2 impact and circularity ambitions.

As Solarix, we want to make a major impact on the global energy transition. We believe that with our sustainable facade applications we can achieve a CO2 reduction of more than 25% in the built environment over the next 25 years.

More than 36% of all CO2 emissions come from the built environment. With Solarix facade panels, buildings will generate more energy instead of blowing CO2 into the atmosphere. Facades are the energy sources of the future!

Designing for a better future.


Curious about the possibilities of Solarix facade panels
in your new construction or existing construction project?
By means of our no-obligation Solar Check we provide insight into
the possibilities and expected energy yield.

News and Blogs.

Prefab design solar panels on the facade

Prefab design solar panels on the facade

News.Prefab design solar panels on the facade: testing the future of energy generation. Can prefab construction be combined with design energy generation? Solarix strongly believes in this efficient and sustainable combination and is investigating the possibilities of...

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Successful fairs and a PROVADA PropTech Award.

Successful fairs and a PROVADA PropTech Award.

News.Successful fairs and a PROVADA PropTech Award. Is awareness growing for the sustainability of the built environment? Yes, because our innovative solar panels facades are gaining more and more ground. Over the past period we have therefore been able to attend...

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Meet the newest addition to the Sales team

Meet the newest addition to the Sales team

News.Meet the newest addition to the Sales team WelcomeCharley Ebbink to the sales team! After studying Science, Business and Innovation with a specialization in Energy and Sustainability, he now applies his motivation at Studio Solarix. Charley likes to talk to new...

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