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A candy store of colours and possibilities for the facade

Solar Design Collections | Zonnepanelen kleur gevel dak | Solar panel color facade roof | Solarix
Solarix colours

Solarix coloured solar panels: the most beautiful colours and designs for facades and roofs!

Coloured solar panels with high energy generation

Using a unique technique, Solarix produces coloured solar panels with a deep colour experience in combination with high-energy generation. The innovations in high-quality ceramic colour techniques in the Solarix colours ensure that the solar panels match perfectly with other materials in construction, such as stone, composite, wood and aluminium. Solarix has developed this technology specifically for solar panels through materialization of the colours.

Versnel de energietransitie met duurzame zonnepanelen voor de gevel | Zonnepanelen kleur gevel | Solar colour facade | Solarix
Energie-opwekkende gevel villa Lichtenberg | Solarix
Gekleurde Solar Design zonnepanelen | Line High Efficiency collectie | Solarix
Solarix gekleurde zonnepanelen voor de gevel | Solarix

Build in color with Solar Design

Ultimate freedom of choice with 14 basic colours and more than 76 options in 6 design collections. Solarix profiles itself as the only one in the world with unique and in-house developed collections for solar panels. An extensive range of colours and designs create a whole world of new possibilities for facades.

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Solarix nieuwsbrief met mooie nieuw gekleurde solar updates | Solarix
Gekleurde zonnepanelen in de gevel van Hoofdkantoor Kuijpers Helmond | Solarix
Maatwerk Solar Design zonnepanelen voor De Kikker in Amsterdam | Dot Collectie | Solarix
Levendig groen gevel zonnepaneel De Kikker | Dot Collectie | Solarix

Build sustainably with coloured solar panels

No more boring solar panels, but a sustainable facade that looks beautiful and produces energy. With Solarix we want to make a significant impact on the global energy transition by drastically reducing the CO2 impact of construction and thus taking steps towards circular construction. After all, more than 36% of all CO2 emissions come from the built environment. And our coloured solar panels can significantly prevent those emissions.

Together we accelerate the energy transition
Licht graniet grijs zonnegevelpaneel | Solarix
Solarix gekleurde zonnepanelen voor de gevel | Witte zonnepanelen | Solarix

White, black and grey solar facade panels

In addition to colourful solar panels, Solarix offers various variants of white, black and gray-tinted solar panels. White is a highly sought-after colour for facade panels in building design, because it gives a fresh and bright appearance. Black is also a colour that should not be ignored when developing aesthetic solar facades. In the black collection we use low-visibility cell technology in combination with different types of glass that give the solar panels different looks such as glossy, matte and structured.

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Zwarte Suede zonnepaneel voor de gevel | Solarix
Zwarte zonnepanelen voor de gevel met verschillende uitstralingen | Solarix


The roof of a building is just as important to the appearance of the building. That is why Solarix has developed a terracotta solar panel that can be used on the roof as an alternative to the commonly used black solar panels on the roof. This solar roof panel fits in nicely with the orange roof tiles that are common in the Netherlands, and also complements other common roof and facade materials such as brick.

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Terracotta zonnepaneel voor op het dak | Solarix
Kleuring Terracotta Solar Design | Zonnedakpaneel | Solarix

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