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Versnel de energietransitie met duurzame zonnepanelen voor de gevel | Zonnepanelen kleur gevel | Solar colour facade | Solarix
Energy transition

Together we accelerate the energy transition

With Solarix we want to make a significant impact on the global energy transition by drastically reducing the CO2 impact of construction and thus taking steps towards circular construction. After all, more than 36% of all CO2 emissions come from the built environment. And our solar panels can significantly prevent those emissions.

Our solar design panels

One square meter of solar facade is equivalent to an emission reduction of 3000 kg of CO2 over its lifetime, or the CO2 absorption of three growing trees.


CO2 emissions that Solarix helps prevent annually with its current projects:

This calculation is based on the current number of realized square meters, which will increase exponentially. Because our forecast is that by 2028, 100% of new construction will be equipped with solar facades.
kg / CO2

Why are solar facades sustainable and financially smart?

  • Generate locally renewable energy at the place and time where you need it.

  • Improved energy balance for the grid: energy is generated more evenly throughout the day because of the different angle of sunlight on the facades than on the roof, resulting in a more even distribution of energy generation.

  • You will generate energy at times when the energy price is higher, at the start and end of the day.

  • Made with raw materials that are more energy efficient to produce than many traditional building materials, such as brick or steel.

  • You can save an average of 3,000 kg CO₂/m² over the total lifespan of Solarix solar panels.

  • Prevent energy loss as less energy needs to be transported. In fact, a fully renewable energy chain provides 40% energy savings for the end user. Our solar facades help with that.

  • Within the energy transition, less valuable agricultural land is needed for solar fields.

  • Fewer construction resources are needed in the building, because other facade materials and PV roof systems are replaced.

  • We make room for greenery and roof gardens instead of solar roofs.

  • You can have any building, old or new, small or large, comply with the BENG and/or label C standards.

  • Solarix facade panels are easily replaced individually.

Versnel de energietransitie met energieopwekkende gevels | Solarix

City Theatre Middelburg

Want to make it more sustainable in a beautiful way? That's possible! On behalf of the municipality of Middelburg, Solarix is making the city theatre in the historic city more sustainable with solar panels on the facade.

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Villa Lichtenberg

Villa Lichtenberg

A beautifully designed, low-energy and maintained villa with a complete energy-generating facade. The facade is designed in a rhythmic pattern of various custom-made coloured solar panels in a combination of moss and sand tones.

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Circulaire energie opwekkende gevel Van Happen Eindhoven | Solarix

Headquarters Van Happen

To promote Van Happen's core values, Solarix developed an eye-catching facade with circular coloured solar panels and mounting system, using the designs of the Dot collection as a starting point.

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