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Terracotta zonnepaneel op het dak | Solarix
Solar roof panels

Terracotta-coloured solar panels on the roof in thin frames. Neatly matches the tiled roofs of historic buildings – or new construction.

Half-cell N-type Terra module

Module type

325 WP

Maximum power per panel

1722 x 1134 x 30 mm


Glass foil with coloured frame

Module technologie

Terracotta zonnepaneel op oranje dakpannen | Solarix
Terracotta zonnepaneel op oranje dakpannen | Solarix

Sustainable solar roof panels that look nice and generate energy

The roof of a building is important for the appearance of the building. That is why Solarix has developed a terracotta solar panel that can be used on the roof as an alternative to the commonly used black solar panels on the roof. This solar roof panel fits in nicely with the orange roof tiles common in the Netherlands, and also complements other common roof and facade materials such as brick.

With the terracotta solar roof panel, no building has to compromise on aesthetics anymore. That is why, as far as we are concerned, there is no longer any reason not to make buildings more sustainable. So that every building, old or new, small or large, can be energy neutral by 2030. And every city will soon be an oasis full of abundant energy.

  • Matches the colour of the roof perfectly

  • At least compromises on a black panel

  • Makes it possible for monumental buildings to generate energy

  • Easy installation and compatible with most common mounting systems.

Terracotta zonnepanelen op dak woning Arnhem | Solarix
Terracotta zonnepanelen op dak woning Arnhem | Solarix
Technische tekening voorzijde | Zonnepaneel op het dak | Solarix
Front side
Technische tekening achterzijde | Zonnepaneel op het dak | Solarix
Back side

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Frequently asked questions about solar roof panels

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For our solar panels for roofs, we work directly with solar installers who can order and install the panels on your roof. Please contact us here . Our accountmanagers will refer you to one of our sales partners.

Currently, we do not have a minimum order quantity. Please contact our account managers for a quote.

Our solar roof panels can be mounted with the more common mounting systems on the market. Your installer can advise you which mountingsystem is most suitable for your roof.

We provide guaranteed high quality and durable solar roofpanels. Therefore, we offer the following warranties:

10 years warranty on colour retention
12 years warranty for materials and processing
25 years warranty extra linear power output

Linear power degradation warranty
First year <3%, <0.67%/year over years 2-25
81% guaranteed power after 25 years

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