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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions on various topics relating to our products, installation of our panels and maintenance. We have clearly listed the topics for you in a number of main categories. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Architects and developers

We are happy to provide a lunch lecture on location for your team. We will show indepth insight into the possibilities and applications of Solarix solar facades. If you are interested, please contact us or give us a call at +31(0)20-2440641

Yes, digital textures from the Solarix collection can be requested via our contact page.

To provide you insight into the application possibilites of our solar-facadepanels, we would like to invite you for an intake so we can discuss your project(s). We are happy to have you in our showroom in Weesp near Amsterdam, or we schedule an online appointment. When applicable, we can make a Solarcheck for the project that will give you insight into the potential energy generation of the facades and the business case.

The next step is a SolarScan. This is paid preliminary engineering in which we investigate in detail how our panels should be integrated into the facade. This includes detailing, panel layouts, research into optimalisation options, extensive insolation study incl. shadowing, and a proposal for the mounting system.

Please contact our accountmanagers or call +31(0)20-2440641 to schedule an intake.

The energy generated by a solar façade depends on various variables such as orientation, tilt/inclination angle, power of the desired solar panel, location of the building (shadowing, country), structure of the façade (depth) and the total façade-area suitable for our solar façade panels. On average, our coloured solarpanels generate 115 kWh per year on a south-facing façade system.

Please contact our accountmanagers for discussing the possibilites for Solarcheck or give us a call at +31(0)20-2440641.

Yes, we have a number of tools to help you presenting our solar façade panels:

1) Samples for aesthetic evaluation. You can request samples here.

2) Catalogue of our products. You can find the download here.

3) Need more technical info? Take a look at the download page for manuals and datasheets.

Didn't find what you need? Please contact us or call us at +31(0)20-2440641.

Yes, a Solarix façade can be applied in both new buildings and renovation projects. For both types of projects, a Solarix façade can result in favourable business models. A Solarix solar façade replaces the "normal" skin of the façade with a façade that generates energy. As a result, the façade pays itself back! This is not only advantageous for new buildings, but also for renovation. If you are already working on a façade renovation, it is easy to make the step to an energy-generating façade as, for example, a brick façade that generates nothing. We are happy to go through the business case for your project together. Please contact our account managers here or call 020-2440641.

A Solarix solar facade is a ventilated system and can be integrated into almost all facades. In most cases, this is possible with the Solarix mounting system, such as for a facade builder of timber frame construction or steel, sandwich panels, concrete and brick. The solar facade panels can also be incorporated into curtain walls, for example, in that case without the Solarix mounting system. However, these types of applications require the necessary engineering and development.

Colours and designs

We have standard designs from our collection (dot, line, mono, effect, blend, line-high efficiency, white and black). These are available in different versions. Click here for our  collection and click here for our catalogue. Do the aesthetic wishes for your project not match with our extensive collection of designs? Don't worry! With a custom design trajectory we develop an aesthetically pleasing Solarix solar façade panel that perfectly matches your project. This is a paid trajectory. Please contact our account managers for the possibilities.

Dimensions: Standard and custom

Solarix custom solar panels are available in various sizes. The efficiency of a panel depends on the dimensions of the panel relative to the actual cell distribution. Solarix can advise on more efficient dimensions and possible optimisations in panel sizes in the façade for your project. Read more about our standard and custom sizes here.

Our standard sizes are:

590 x 1190 mm

590 x 1790 mm

890 x 890 mm

890 x 1790 mm

In addition to our standard sizes, we can provide custom sizing at an additional cost. Minimum dimension is 150 x 250 mm and maximum 4200 x 2300 mm. However, we recommend keeping the dimensions under 2 m2 due to weight, additional surcharge and higher transport- and installationcosts for larger sizes.

Distributors and Suppliers

This depends on your product range, company size, network and location. We currently only start collaborations within the Netherlands and certain countries in Europe. If you are interested, our accountmanagers are happy to get in touch with you.

This depends on your product range, company size, network and location. We currently only start collaborations within the Netherlands and certain countries in Europe. If you are interested, our accountmanagers are happy to get in touch with you.

Energy performance and regulations


The power output of Solarix solar façade panels is between 110 and 190 WP per m2, varying with colour. For example; our white panels have a power of 110 WP per m2 and black 190 WP per m2. See the collection page on our website for an overview of colours and associated powers.

For the BENG application, data on the power per m2 (Wp/m2) and the total installed capacity (kWp) are necessarry. This depends on the type of panel, the colour and surface-area. If this is known for the project you are working, we can provide this data in concept.


In the Netherlands, companies can make use of various subsidies:

- Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie en Klimaattransitie (SDE++) is a subsidy for large-scale energy generation projects.

- Energie Investeringsaftrek (EIA) is a tax scheme that allows you to create a deduction on your investments in energy-friendly business assets, buildings or production processes.

- Investeringssubsidie duurzame energie en energiebesparing (ISDE) is a subsidy for small-scale solar projects for businesses and private users.

The Dutch government encourages investments in sustainability projects with various financial options. Keep an eye on the RVO website regularly for the most up-to-date regulations.

For international projects we refer to local subsidy advisors.


Yes. A proposal for such a contract can be composed before/during/after delivery of the project. Agreements can be made for monitoring and maintenance plan. Depending on the project, this will be carried out by Solarix or the electrical installer.

The cleaning of Solarix solar façade panels can be included with regular window cleaning. We recommend washing the panels at least once a year. The coating of Solarix solar façade panels is also designed to be self-cleaning so that dust and dirt are removed within two to three rain showers. The electrical installation will have to be regularly monitored for any deviations.

Sales en Samples

We have no sales representatives outside the Netherlands. All sales are handled by our experienced salespeople from Weesp, in Amsterdam. Are you interested in representing Solarix in your country? Please contact us so we can discuss a potential partnership.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom in Weesp. Our entire collection can be viewed there. We have many full size samples and panels. Appointments can be made at project level. Before the appointment, please indicate which project you are working on and which colours and textures you would like to see. Please contact us to plan a meeting with our one of our accountmanagers.

We are also able to provide you with beautiful small samples for projects. You can request a sample here. We are always happy to receive samples back if they are no longer needed. We refer to our accountmanagers about our return policy.

Stap 1) Bij interesse komen we graag meteen met je in contact. We bellen of mailen met je om jouw wensen te bespreken. Je ontvangt van ons direct onze catalogus en benodigde informatie om je alvast een indruk te geven over Solarix en onze producten. Stap 2) Via een intake zullen we meer over ons product vertellen, de eerste details van het project bespreken en geven we een eerste inschatting voor de toepassingsmogelijkheid van een Solarix gevel voor het project. Optioneel voeren we een Solarcheck uit (minimaal 500 m2 project) waarbij we jou meer inzicht geven in de opwek mogelijkheden en businesscase van de door jouw aangewezen gevels. Mocht je niet helemaal weten welke geveldelen geschikt zijn voor PV dan geven we je daarbij ook graag advies. Stap 3) De klant geeft voorlopige GO om het project verder uit te werken. Stap 4) Middels een getekende vooropdracht (onze SolarScan) kijken wij, al dan niet samen met het projectteam op detailniveau naar het project, onderzoeken wij optimalisatie mogelijkheden, voeren we een uitgebreide bezonningsstudie uit incl. schaduwval, en doen we een voorstel voor het montagesysteem en elektrisch schema. Optioneel kunnen wij een custom design traject met je doorlopen om zo tot een uniek Solarix design te komen die aansluit op de esthetische wensen van de architect. Dit is een proces waarin wij moeten ontwerpen, ontwikkelen en testen. Het custom design traject kunnen wij daarom alleen tegen extra betaling uitvoeren en is beschikbaar voor projecten met een minimale grootte van 1000 m2 aan PV-geveloppervlak. Stap 5) Een vergunningsaanvraag wordt gedaan voor het zonne-gevelproject. Stap 6) Op basis van een uitgewerkt plan maakt Solarix een offerte voor de levering van de zonne-gevelpanelen al dan niet inclusief montagesysteem. Stap 7) Solarix zonne-gevelpanelen (inclusief montagesysteem) worden geleverd en de bouw van een bijzondere energieopwekkende gevel kan starten! De zonnepanelen inclusief montagesysteem worden gemonteerd en geïnstalleerd door partners of derden. Desgewenst zijn we als Solarix betrokken als projectbegeleider.

We mainly deliver our products in the Netherlands. But we are also working on various international projects, especially in Europe.

We currently have the following minimum order quantity for our solar façade panels:
Within the Netherlands, our minimum order quantity is 100 m2.
Internationally, our minimum order quantity is 500 m2.

Panel prices vary per project and depend on the sizing and quantity of your order. Our panels are produced per project with attention to quality and aesthetics. Together with the customer, we look for the best solution for each project and we can translate this into price indications. Please contact our account managers or call +31(0)20-2440641 for an up-to-date price indication.

Payback times of a Solarix solar façade can be achieved from just 5 years. This off course depends on the type of project, the orientation and location, the electricity costs, alternative façade material that is replaced with a solar façade, and other wishes.

Our account managers are happy to discuss your project with you to determine the business case. Please contact us here or call +31(0)20-2440641. Request here a SolarCheck directly.

Our SolarCheck is a first free-of-charge check on your building. Based on satellite data and technical drawings we can provide a good estimate of how much energy your facade generates yearly. We make an analysis on how the sun moves in relation to the building, what the possible surface area of ​​panels on the façade is, and how much CO2 emissions are saved by generating green energy! We also show in outline what the investment and revenue will be.

We usually carry out SolarChecks for projects with a minimum solar façade surface area of 500 m2. You can request a SolarCheck here.

With a Solarix sample, you can aesthetically assess a desired Solarix solar façade panel design. It is a single glass plate of 4mm thick and with a size of 200x300 mm. The sample therefore does not contain a solar cell, junction box and rear glass plate as is the case with a Solarix solar façade panel. Aesthetically, however, the sample looks exactly like a full Solarix panel. You can request a sample here. Our account managers will contact you regarding availability.

Do you want a sample in a different format? We can supply custom samples for a fee. The delivery time is currently 7 to 9 weeks.

The delivery time for our solar façade panels is currently 18 to 20 weeks, after which they are ready to be assembled and installed on the construction site. Please contact our account managers for up-to-date information.


1 m² of Solarix solar facade prevents 3000 kg of CO₂ in its lifespan! That is comparable to the CO₂ absorption of no less than 105 growing trees!

The production of 1 m² of a Solarix system costs approximately 310 kg of CO₂, including production of the mountingsystem and transportation emissions.

Thus, 1 m² of Solarix solar facade will save 2690 kg of CO₂. Quite sustainable!

Circularity is an important point of attention for us. Our panels have an aesthetic lifespan of more than 50 years, but the solar panel market is not yet ready to efficiently separate solar cells from glass. This is a 'challenge' of the entire solar panel industry. The industry is working hard to get to an economical and sustainable solution, but in the meantime there are all kinds of developments in the field of reusing or upgrading solar panels, which we follow closely. The advantage of our system is that the panels also function as the outer skin of a building. This makes it possible to use the panels as an aesthetic façade panel in another projects after the effective lifespan of the cells (they still generate 85% of the original efficiency after 25 years!). Alternatively, the investor can simply decide to leave the panels hanging as they can generate energy for a long time to come and act as the appearance of the building.
In addition, our own mounting system for the panels consists of 95% recycled aluminium.

Technical information, certification and warranty

It is advised to mount horizontal strips. Work from the bottom up. However, this is not necessary. Our panels can also be mounted in an alternative order. Tough, it is important that the panels are connected by a certified electrical installer. For more details, you can find our assembly manual here.

We provide guaranteed high quality and durable solar facade panels. Therefore, we offer the following warranties:

10 years warranty on colour retention
20 years warranty for materials and processing  
25 years warranty extra linear power output

Linear power degradation warranty
First year <2%, <0.55%/year over years 2-25
85%guaranteed power after 25 years

Our solar façade panels weigh 23.5 kg per m2, including mountingsystem.

This depends on the project, the different types of panels and dimensions, and other wishes. Our panels can be connected to normal inverters, as well as micro-inverters and optimizers. Solarix can make a proposal for the electrical diagram and therefore which inverters are most suitable in the situation. We can do this as part of the pre-engineering, but in many cases, the electrical diagram is determined by the electrical installer (third party).

For the mounting system, you should assume 60 mm between the facade and the panel. Total dimensions, including facade solar panel, are 69 mm.

Solarix solar façade panels have fire protection level B-s1,d0 according to EN ISO 11925-2 and EN 13823.


Yes, definitely!

We are always looking for people who want to contribute to a sustainable world with a healthy dose of energy, entrepreneurship and professionalism. Join us if you:

- Breathe energy, not only in kilowatt hours but also in enthusiasm!

- Have a drive to make the world around us a little more beautiful and sustainable

- Love a Scale-up environment where flexibility and working hard is key, but where there is also room for a game of ping pong

Check out our open positions here.