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The first non-binding advice on a project with an estimate of how much energy your facade can generate in a year.

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Transform every building into a powerhouse with solar facades

Let's make the energy transition more beautiful.

Solarix believes that design will ensure that cities become more sustainable faster. Because whether it concerns roofs or facades: we all want beauty. That is why we make solar panels that are so beautiful that they become new building materials.
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Solar facade panels

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6 design collections. Unique colour technology. Standard module sizes – or customization. Everything to make sustainability in construction simple, fast and, above all, beautiful.

About Solarix solar facades
Solar roof panels

Roof panels in roof tile colour

Terracotta-coloured panels in thin frames. Neatly matches the tiled roofs of historic buildings – or new construction.

About Solarix solar roof panels
Our mounting system

Easy installation

A patented mounting system manufactured in our production location in Weesp, The Netherlands. Individually removable panels for extra ease of installation. In short: at least as easy to install as other facade materials.

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Solar design collections
Solar Design Collecties | Gekleurde zonnepanelen voor de gevel | Coloured solar panels for the facade | Solarix
Solar Design Collecties | Gekleurde zonnepanelen voor de gevel | Coloured solar panels for the facade | Solarix

Wide selection of colours

Discover our uniquely beautiful designs for a future full of positive energy

Solar design collections
Villa Lichtenberg

Villa Lichtenberg

A beautifully designed, low-energy and maintained villa with a complete energy-generating facade. The facade is designed in a rhythmic pattern of various custom-made coloured solar panels in a combination of moss and sand tones.

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Versnel de energietransitie met energieopwekkende gevels | Solarix

City Theatre Middelburg

Want to make it more sustainable in a beautiful way? That's possible! On behalf of the municipality of Middelburg, Solarix is making the city theatre in the historic city more sustainable with solar panels on the facade.

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Zonnegevel Hoofdkantoor DSM Maastricht | Solarix

DSM-Firmenich head office

In DSM's new head office, solar panels are integrated into repetitive elements in the facade.

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CO2 emissions that Solarix helps prevent annually with its current projects:

This calculation is based on the current number of realized square meters, which will increase exponentially. Because our forecast is that by 2028, 100% of new construction will be equipped with solar facades. Curious about which part we think we can realize?
Together we accelerate the energy transition

Versnel de energietransitie met duurzame zonnepanelen voor de gevel | Zonnepanelen kleur gevel | Solar colour facade | Solarix

Together we show how beautiful sustainability can be. Every architect can easily get started with our products. You can request samples to see which design best suits your design. We provide technical drawings for Revit, DWGs and IFCs. And provide textures for your sketches.

Zonnepanelen gevel Van Happen Eindhoven | Solarix

Sometimes it is project developers with courage who opt for aesthetic sustainability. Sometimes architects choose a facade that pays for itself. It is always people who find us a reliable party.

Pharos goudkleurige zonnegevel | Solarix

It is of course crucial that every building meets the various sustainability requirements (BENG, label C and labels such as BREEAM or LEED). But there is more benefit. Sustainability and the aesthetic addition of Solarix panels to the facade increase the real estate value and rentability of a building. Take the Pharos building in Hoofddorp: transformed into the healthiest working community in Europe. The Solarix solar facade produces 12,000 to 15,000 kWh of energy annually. Thanks to the active facade, the owner of the building saves €4,000 to €5,000 annually on the energy bill. Compared to a regular aluminium facade, the additional costs of the solar facade pay for themselves within 7 to 13 years (depending on the orientation). This means earning money with the facade instead of incurring costs. No other facade does that. The Solarix SolarCheck can provide insight into the possibilities of a solar facade and the business case. Based on satellite data, we provide an estimate of how much energy your facade can generate in a year. We analyse the orientation of the building in relation to the sun, what the optimal surfaces of panels on the facade can be and how much CO2 emissions are saved. In addition, we show in broad terms what the investment will be and what the return will be.

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890 x 1790

Experience our standardized module sizes with a performance of up to 196 Wp per m².

590 x 1190

Solarix solar facades and sunroofs. Trusted and used by renowned architects, developers and other visionaries.

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