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Solarix zonnepanelen op de gevel van Hoofdkantoor Kuijpers in Helmond | Zonnepanelen kleur gevel | Solar colour facade
Solarix Solar facade panels

Solarix makes solar panels for the facade. Developed to have the biggest impact possible.

They can be placed on the roof, certainly, but they are especially suitable for the facade. Because they are so beautiful.

Discover the possibilities of a solar facade

Wide choice from our standard collections, the possibility of customization and a team that thinks along with you in detail.


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590 x 1190
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Experience our standardized module sizes with a performance of up to 196 Wp per m².

590 x 1190

Solar design is so much more than just a panel. It is a crucial ingredient to create sustainable buildings with a strong identity.

Marloes van HeterenCo-founder & CEO Solarix

Solar Design

Solarix solar facades have been developed to generate sustainable local energy and combine yield optimization with a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Together with our development partners in Europe, we pay a lot of attention to innovations and continuously improve our panels.

Solarix distinguishes itself by launching our own Solar Design collection. We do not imitate existing facade materials such as marble and bricks, we focus on a new design, material and colour range for solar energy.

Zonnepanelen gevel Van Happen Eindhoven | Solarix
Zonnepanelen op de gevel bij Pharos in Hoofddorp | Solarix
Coloured solar panels

Ultimate freedom of choice with 14 basic colours and more than 76 options in 6 design collections

Solarix profiles itself as the only one in the world with unique and in-house developed collections for solar panels. An extensive range of colours and designs create a whole world of new possibilities for facades.

Solar Design zonnegevels | Solarix
White solar panels

White for buildings that must continue to have a white appearance

White is a highly sought-after colour for facade panels in building design because it gives a fresh and bright appearance. After extensive testing, we proudly present our white solar panels, available in two colour variations.

Witte zonnepanelen op de gevel | Solarix
Zwarte zonnepanelen

Rich black with different textures

Black is a colour that should not be ignored when developing aesthetic solar facades. In this collection, we use low-visibility cell technology in combination with different types of glass that give the solar panels different looks such as glossy, matte and structured.

Zwarte gevel zonnepanelen | Solarix

In addition to customized solutions, we also offer four standard size solar panels, based on common dimensions in facades. These standard size panels fit perfectly in a storey height, but also under or next to window frames. In addition, we see that these standard dimensions are ideal for inclusion in prefab facade elements, allowing you to integrate solar panels into your facade in a modular and cost-effective manner. Standard sizes: 590 x 1190 mm | ≤ 178 WP per m² 590 x 1790 mm | ≤ 189 WP per m² 890 x 890 mm | ≤ 196 WP per m² 890 x 1790 mm | ≤ 191 WP per m²

Standaard gevel zonnepanelen geïntegreerd in Module bouw maatvoering | Solarix

These 7 examples show the possibilities of integrating Solarix standard solar panels in office and residential buildings. Solarix solar panels are used in the closed parts of the facade, in combination with open parts (glass) and with or without other facade materials. Standard panels can be applied to the full floor height or combined with windows.

Custom design and dimensions

Our collections offer a wide range of colours and designs to choose from. We offer a tailor-made process for architects in which we jointly develop a design that fits perfectly with the project. This can be a design based on the collections or a uniquely developed pattern.

Maatwerk ontwerp zonnegevels | Solarix

A solar panel facade generates energy and therefore has a payback period where you write off other solutions and do not recoup them.

Aukje KuijpersGeneral Director Kuijpers
bronze kleurige gevelzonnepanelen | Solarix

It generates energy (and money).

The aesthetic addition of Solarix panels and sustainability of the facade increases the real estate value and rentability of a building. In addition, by generating energy, the additional costs compared to a regular aluminum facade are recouped in 7 to 15 years (depending on the orientation). This means earning money with the facade instead of incurring costs. No other facade does that.
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Groen kleurige gevelzonnepanelen | Solarix

Comply with sustainability regulations with a solar facade

It is of course crucial that every building meets the various sustainability requirements. Solarix solar facades can contribute to achieving BENG, label C and labels such as BREEAM or LEED.
Together we accelerate the energy transition

Antraciet grijs zonnepaneel voor op de gevel | Solarix

If you make buildings more sustainable, you want your investment to last a long time. Very long: at least 25 years. That is why we only use the highest quality materials and the construction can withstand all weather conditions. Furthermore, the mounting systems are made of 80% recycled aluminum, the panels are pfas free and solar facades can be replaced per panel. We work with production partners in Europe for the production of our solar panels, after which we install the mounting system in our own assembly hall in Weesp.

Solarix solar facade panels, like all other solar panels, must be connected and installed with inverter(s) by qualified electrical installers. We therefore work together with experienced partners for mounting our panels on the facade, as well as for the electrical engineering of the system. In the run-up to the realization of a solar facade, our engineering team carefully examines the design of the PV system on the facade. As part of the Solarix SolarScan, we can make a proposal for an electrical diagram in collaboration with the e-installer.

Collaborating with Solarix starts here:

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Frequently asked questions about solar facades

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Solarix custom solar panels are available in various sizes. The efficiency of a panel depends on the dimensions of the panel relative to the actual cell distribution. Solarix can advise on more efficient dimensions and possible optimisations in panel sizes in the facade for your project. Read more about our standard and custom sizes here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom in Weesp. Our entire collection can be viewed there. We have many full-size samples and panels. Appointments can be made at project level. Before the appointment, please indicate which project you are working on and which colours and textures you would like to see. Please contact us to plan a meeting with one of our account managers.

We can also provide you with beautiful small samples for projects. You can request a sample here. We are always happy to receive samples back if they are no longer needed. We refer to our account managers about our return policy.

Yes, we have a number of tools to help you presenting our solar façade panels:

1) Samples for aesthetic evaluation. You can request samples here.

2) Catalogue of our products. You can find the download here.

3) Need more technical info? Take a look at the download page for manuals and datasheets.

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