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Metallic zonnepanelen voor de gevel
Metallic solar panels

Tough elegance with metallic coloured solar panels for the facade

Discover the future of sustainability and aesthetics with metallic coloured solar panels. This innovative technology offers architects a unique opportunity to create a sturdy and contemporary appearance, while at the same time contributing to sustainable energy generation.

Dynamic colour experience

The popularity of metallic colours and coatings in architecture is unprecedented, and for good reason. The reflective properties of metallic colours provide a dynamic colour experience that changes depending on the angle of light. This gives buildings a lively and intriguing appearance.

Combining these properties with the power of solar energy creates a symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics. Metallic coloured solar panels integrate seamlessly into the facade, giving architects the freedom to realize bold designs without compromising on sustainability.

Step forward into a new era of architectural possibilities with metallic coloured solar panels for the facade - where style and sustainability come together to create iconic buildings.

Metallic champagne gekleurd zonnepaneel ME-844  | Solarix

Metallic champagne

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Metallic bronze gekleurd zonnepaneel ME-845  | Solarix

Metallic bronze

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Metallic Zilvergrijs gekleurd zonnepaneel ME-846 | Solarix

Metallic silver grey

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Metallic helder donker blauw gekleurd zonnepaneel ME-847  | Solarix

Metallic bright blue

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Metallic bos groen gekleurd zonnepaneel ME-848  | Solarix

Metallic forrest green

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