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Witte zonnepanelen op de gevel | Solarix
White solar panels

White solar panels for buildings with a fresh look

White is a highly sought-after colour for facade panels in building design because it gives a fresh and bright appearance. However, it is also the most challenging colour to develop for solar panels, as the black of the solar cells becomes part of the colour experience. After extensive testing, we proudly present our white solar panels, available in two versions: full colour or with our standard mesh for higher efficiency. Perfect for buildings that are already white or need to maintain a white appearance during redevelopment. It is also an ideal choice for new construction projects that want to integrate white into their design.

White solar facades with attractive energy yields

Solarix white solar facades are available in 2 colour shades: Full white for optimal colour experience and white with higher energy yields.

Witte zonnepanelen op de gevel | Solarix
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