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Duurzame vacatures bij Solarix | Solarix
Working at Solarix

Sustainable vacancies at Solarix: We think of it. Design it. Do it.

We believe that at Solarix we are creating something exceptional. And that it is crucial that you give people the space to chart their own course. They know exactly what to prioritize and what solutions should look like. Our experience in recent years: the trust you give, you get back. And that pays off in turn in better products, smarter solutions – and more job satisfaction.

A pretty sunny team with an eye for beauty

Solarix is the only company in the world that makes solar panels designed by artists. Logical, because Solarix was founded by architect Marloes van Heteren and product designer Reinier Bosch. They have gathered a team of about 20 people around them who all believe that making the world more sustainable will happen faster with more attention to beauty.

Marloes and Reinier started building the Solarix team around that central idea. But there is another crucial value: trust.

“Every time we give people confidence internally, we get confidence back. That is a source of energy."

Reinier BoschFounder, Solarix
The most important ingredient of innovation is courage

Innovation means daring to trust failure

You can learn to innovate. Making mistakes too. And they have more to do with each other than you might think. That is why we explicitly give everyone who comes to work with us the space to experiment. To shape processes in new ways as you go. To devise new processes that allow us to achieve our objectives faster. More efficient. Yes, or not. That's part of it. And in any case, it makes our work even more fun.

Duurzame vacatures in de Solar industrie | Solarix
Why aesthetics are at the core of Solarix

Design is a flywheel

We have now developed 78 different panel designs, a unique colour technology and a patented mounting system. All these innovations stem from our belief that people love beautiful cities. Because beauty gives energy. To trust. Consolation. Admiration. Hence our belief that beauty is not just a building block in the energy transition, but perhaps the most crucial building block. Because we all love beauty. And that shared love also makes other things possible.

Vacatures duurzaam gekleurde zonnepanelen ontwikkelen | Solarix

Our core values


We are not reinventing the wheel. But we do make it more beautiful, more convenient and more sustainable


We are full of positive energy and ambition. And we feed that with a game of table tennis here and there, meditation or team outing


Thanks to fantastic investors who believe in solar facades just like us, we have the time to roll out our vision


No one makes such beautiful panels as we do. But we can learn from everyone.

Montage gevelzonnepanelen in de assemblage hal in Weesp | Solarix

In our assembly hall in Weesp, we roll up our sleeves when installing the Solarix mounting system on the solar facade panels. Here a team works every day on the realization and preparation of delivery for various projects.

Werken bij Solarix | Solarix

Working at Solarix means:

A table tennis table in the assembly hall surrounded by self-designed panels. A daily vegan lunch. A Qigong meditation on Tuesday morning. Possibly an ice bath during a team outing. Drinking special beer together in a church in Weesp. Room for balance and a healthy family life.
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Werken bij Solarix | Solarix

And also:

Solving puzzles, almost every day. To invent the wheel. Because for some elements of what we make, such as assembly or transport, there is literally no one who has done this before. Step by step introducing a new benchmark in construction, with a multi-disciplined team from all over the world.
Get to know our team
Verbindingen leggen met het team in de natuur, Team uitjes | Solarix
Continuing to connect with everyone in the team is important, which is why we take a moment together every year during company outings in nature

Do you want to apply? Then take the following three steps:

1. Write a short motivation letter

We can all lose ourselves in ambition and share a lot of information. But in brevity lies the master. So we would like to invite you to explain in a maximum of half an A4 page why you are applying for a position.

2. Make your resume beautiful

(And easy to read, of course.)

3. Mail ons

We promise to read every vacancy carefully and will email you back within 10 days with a substantive response. (Even if we don't see a place for you on our team, because standard rejections are ugly.)

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