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Dot collectie gevel zonnepanelen | Solarix
Dot collection

Dot Collection has been developed with different colour shades for a lively color experience on the facade from near and far.

Story behind the design

Oscar van der Voort, head of product developments at Solarix, talks about the design process and development of the Dot Collection.

Dot is the first collection in Solarix Colours, an extensive selection of solar facade panels where colour experience and depth creation are the starting point. In its search for a vibrant colour experience, the Solarix design team was inspired by the construction of textiles in which different shades, colours and yarns are acquired for a depth experience.

Melange van licht grijze tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-670 | Solarix
Melange van donker grijze tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-671 | Solarix
Melange van licht blauwe tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-672 | Solarix
Melange van blauwe tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-673 | Solarix
Melange van zand tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-674 | Solarix
Melange van klei tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-675 | Solarix
Melange van licht bronze tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-676 | Solarix
Melange van bronze tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-678 | Solarix
Melange van donker bronze tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-679 | Solarix
Melange van oker tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-680 | Solarix
Melange van lichte terra tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-681 | Solarix
Melange van donkere terracotta tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-682 | Solarix
Melange van lente groene tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-683 | Solarix
Melange van mosgroene tinten gekleurd zonnepaneel D-684 | Solarix
Dot Collectie | Zonnegevelpanelen | Solarix
Looking for something unique?

Op zoek naar iets unieks?

The Dot Collection offers a wide range of colors to choose from. We offer a tailor-made process for architects in which we jointly develop a design that fits perfectly with the project. This can be a design based on the collections or a uniquely developed pattern.

Based on the Dot Collection, the Solarix team has developed custom panels for the facade, including for the DSM Head Office in Maastricht and De Kikker in Amsterdam.

Maatwerk Solar Design zonnepanelen voor De Kikker in Amsterdam | Dot Collectie | Solarix

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