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New generation of solar panels decorate the city.

De duurzame stad van de toekomst met zonnegevels | Woning Lichtenberg | Solarix

We believe that well-designed solar facades will make our cities future-proof: oases with energy in abundance.

Marloes & Reinier

Experience the power of beauty with a new generation of colored solar panels

Solarix believes that beautifully designed solar panels will ensure that cities become future-proof faster. Because whether it concerns roofs or facades: we all want beauty.

That is why we ensure that our panels are beautiful and remain strong, so that every facade will soon generate solar energy. Also in the morning and afternoon, when there is normally an energy demand, but solar panels on the roof do not generate enough.

In this way, cities become oases with energy in abundance. And with all that solar energy we can make life more beautiful, more pleasant and, above all, greener. That's what we're going for. But of course we can't do that alone

Founders Marloes van Heteren en Reinier Bosch | Solarix

Leap forward with the new generation of solar panels

Solar panels on the roof were a first step towards generating sustainable energy in the built environment. But in making our living environment more sustainable and to accelerate the energy transition, we must look beyond the roof: solar panels as facade cladding.

The new generation of solar panels designed by Solarix are an integral solution: integrated into the facade, with special attention to the aesthetic integration and identity of the building. With this we are taking a big step forward towards a sustainable, healthy and liveable city for the future.

De duurzame stad van de toekomst met zonnegevels | De Brugwachter | Weert

Together we accelerate the energy transition

With Solarix we want to make a significant impact on the global energy transition by drastically reducing the CO2 impact of construction and thus taking steps towards circular construction. After all, more than 36% of all CO2 emissions come from the built environment. And our solar panels can significantly prevent those emissions.

Zonnegevel woning Lichtenberg | Solarix

“The unique thing about Solarix's solar design facade is that it really gives a building something extra. Sustainable and functional does not have to be ugly, the design simply looks beautiful.”

Aukje KuijpersGeneral Manager Kuijpers

In combination with the increasingly higher requirements in terms of sustainability, Solarix can be a large and very good part of the aesthetics and architecture of the building. It is a very good solution for that.”

Gyula ÖryDirector of Development Schröder capital
Solar Design zonnegevels | Solarix

Also generate sustainable solar energy with the new generation of solar panels??

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Groene solar design panelen | Solarix

Let's make the energy transition more beautiful.

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