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Solarix raises €900,000 investment to accelerate aesthetic solar panel production

v.l.n.r.: Janet Nieboer (CEO ROM InWest), Marloes van Heteren (co-founder and CEO Solarix) en Reinier Bosch (co-founder and Creative director Solarix)

Solarix secures a €900,000 investment boost from ROM InWest and three construction sector investors. This investment enables the North Holland-based company, specializing in high-quality colored solar panels for facades, to ramp up production in response to the rapidly growing demand for aesthetic solar panels.

ROM InWest leads the investment, further solidifying North Holland's energy transition. The agreement between Solarix and ROM InWest was signed on February 8, 2023. This investment is derived from the Dutch government's Transition Fund, intended to support companies that accelerate the significant and necessary transitions of our time with their services or products.

Solarix's business model focuses on designing, developing, supplying, and assembling solar panels for sustainable and visually appealing energy-generating facades. The colored solar panels are manufactured in Europe. Founded in 2018 by architect Marloes van Heteren and product designer and artist Reinier Bosch, the company aims to revolutionize both the solar and construction industries. They won the Solar Design Award in 2015 with their prototype of an aesthetic solar panel for facade applications. In 2018, they delivered the first Solar Design facade, and in 2022, Solarix became the first company in Europe to realize a Solar Design facade with colored, lightweight, and circular solar panels.

"Investing in 'green', promising companies accelerates sustainable innovations crucial for the energy transition. Solarix perfectly aligns with that profile”

Janet NieboerCEO - ROM InWest

The next step in the energy transition

Janet Nieboer, CEO of ROM InWest, is pleased with the agreement with Solarix as it signifies the next step in the energy transition: “ROM InWest is committed to fostering a robust North Holland economy that provides equal opportunities for everyone and doesn’t compromise our planet and climate. By investing in 'green,' promising companies, we accelerate sustainable innovations crucial for the energy transition. Solarix aligns perfectly with that profile.”

Rom in West | Investering | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix
Jasper Brommet (partner en business development Solarix), Vicky Fasten (CFO Solarix), Marloes van Heteren (co-founder en CEO Solarix), Reinier Bosch (co-founder en Creative director Solarix), Wim Kuypers (voormalig directeur Kuijpers), Janet Nieboer (CEO ROM InWest), Gijs Schot (ROM InWest), Marc Postma (ROM InWest), Kostas Mamalingkas (ROM InWest).
Rom in West | Investering | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix
Op de voorgrond vlnr: Janet Nieboer (CEO ROM InWest) en Marloes van Heteren (co-founder en CEO Solarix).

Facade Panels as a European Solution

"New climate regulations and the rapidly increasing energy prices make it increasingly important for buildings, either partially or entirely, to generate their own energy," outlines founder Reinier Bosch of Solarix. "Solar panels usually make the most significant contribution, but especially in high-rise buildings, the roof surface is often too small to accommodate enough solar panels. Facade panels are the answer to this challenge. The demand for them is growing rapidly, so we are pleased that our production and the number of jobs can be significantly expanded thanks to this investment. It means that Solarix can evolve from being a Dutch frontrunner to becoming a prominent player in Europe."