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Zonnepanelen op gevels Brainport Smart District | Solarix

Brainport Smart District

Brainport Smart District
Eindhoven, NL
New construction
Square meters of Solarix panels total & active
1100 m2
Expected yield
108,000 kWh

The project

In Helmond, the ambition is to make Brainport Smart District the smartest district in the world. Various challenges were issued to select the best parties to achieve this. In the third challenge, Solarix was one of the innovative parties that were chosen to develop a plan on one of the plots.

Solarix forms a consortium with CRA Vastgoed, Cube architecten and Kuiken Urbanism and is developing a 'Sun Smart Living' concept. This consists of 3 different housing blocks that are parametrically designed and positioned so that optimal energy can be generated with the facades.

The use of the coloured Solarix solar panels in the facades is an important part of the total architectural design, but also of the total energy concept.

The aim is to even make the homes energy-producing, with the energy also being stored in a SolarEis system. In addition, the pre-investment required by setting up a small energy cooperative for the collective energy supply has also been considered.

In addition to the energy concept, the plans also pay a lot of attention to sustainable and circular use of materials, green areas and the value of a social community.

The first homes are currently being developed and Sun Smart Living is awaiting a plot allocation.


Estimated annual CO2 reduction of the solar facade panels Brainport Smart District

Expected to generate 108,000 kWh per year | Equal to the absorption of 2327 trees.
kg / CO2

Solarix solar facade

Colour and pattern for the solar panels were important in the Brainport Smart Living project. The Solarix solar panels are the leading facade material within the project. Together with the architect, green colour tones and different patterns were chosen, for a lively, but also subtle image. The design of panels is also very nicely coordinated with the other materials in the plan, such as the wooden cladding and window frames.

Zonnepanelen gevels Brainport Smart District | Solarix


In addition to the consortium for design and realization consisting of CRA Vastgoed, Cube architecten and Kuiken Urbanism and Solarix, Ridge and HVE are involved in the energy concept. The VB groep will take care of the implementation.

Zonnepanelen gevels Brainport Smart District | Solarix
Mat zwart zonnedak | Adyen | Solarix

Adyen head office

As part of making the Adyen Head Office in Amsterdam more sustainable, Solarix has developed solar roof panels in a matte black colour.

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