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Kuijpers head office

Kuijpers head office

Helmond, NL
Square meters of Solarix panels total & active
130 m2 | 89 m2
Expected yield
5,617 kWh per year

The project

The office building of engineering firm Kuijpers has a scoop. This is the first building in the world where Solar Design has been applied to the facade. Kuijpers has been an ambassador for this application from the start. By thinking from a design perspective, the redevelopment made it possible to combine the generation of sustainable energy with the creation of a new identity for the building. In the dark, the building turns into an art object; the integrated LED lighting changes colour with the seasons.

“The unique thing about Solarix's solar design facade is that it really gives the building something extra. Sustainable and functional does not have to be ugly, the design simply looks beautiful.”

Aukje KuijpersGeneral Director Kuijpers

Annual CO2 reduction of the Kuijpers Head Office facade

Generates an average of 5617 kWh per year | Equal to the absorption of 179 trees.
kg / CO2 per year
Energie opwekkende gevel | Kuijpers Helmond | Solarix

Solarix zonnegevel

De zonnegevel van Kuijpers is ontworpen als nieuwe huid voor het gebouw, waarbij alle aansluitingen en hoekdetails zorgvuldig zijn meegenomen. De gekleurde zonnepanelen zijn geïntegreerd in diverse aluminium composiet elementen, waardoor er een schuinte in de panelen kon worden gecreëerd. Door de diverse tinten in kleur is er een levendige warme gevel ontstaan. De innovatieve Kuijpers zonnegevel heeft zo een belangrijke voorbeeldfunctie gespeeld in de transitie naar duurzame energiegevels. 

"Solarix came up with an innovative and aesthetic design, where we were able to integrate our own energy generation into the new design of the building."

Aukje KuijpersGeneral Director Kuijpers
Energie opwekken met zonnepanelen in de gevel | Kuijpers Helmond | Solarix
Gevel Hoofdkantoor Kuijpers voor renovatie | Solarix
Kuijpers Head Office facade before renovation
Kuijpers Head Office facade after renovation
Kuijpers Head Office facade after renovation


Solarix and Kuijpers have involved facade builder Sorba in the project as initiators and have received a subsidy for part of the development and realization of the first Solar Design facade.

The shape of the aluminium cassette panels was designed by Solarix as carrier elements for the solar panels. The colour was developed by Solarix to complement the colour of the aluminium.

Client: Kuijpers

Project realization team: Sorba, Kameleon, Kuijpers, Solarix 

The integrated LED lighting changes colour with the seasons.
The integrated LED lighting changes colour with the seasons.
Zonnegevel Hoofdkantoor DSM Maastricht | Solarix

DSM-Firmenich head office

In DSM's new head office, solar panels are integrated into repetitive elements in the facade.

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Mat zwart zonnedak | Adyen | Solarix

Adyen head office

As part of making the Adyen Head Office in Amsterdam more sustainable, Solarix has developed solar roof panels in a matte black colour.

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The Butterfly effect | energie opwekken boven de snelweg | Solarix

The butterfly effect

As part of the Design Challenge 'Our Energy Our Landscape', Solarix, together with VenhoevenCS and DS Landscape Architects, presented 'The Butterfly Effect', which focuses on generating clean energy above the highway in an inventive and beautiful way.

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