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Versnel de energietransitie met duurzame zonnepanelen voor de gevel | Zonnepanelen kleur gevel | Solar colour facade | Solarix
Dot collection

Line Collection is a collection of ceramic coloured solar panels in which hand-drawn lines give a natural look to the facades of buildings.

About the collection

After the basic collection (the Dot collection), Solarix will introduce the Line collection in 2021. This collection of ceramic coloured solar panels for the facade was designed by head designer Eefiene Bolhuis with nature as a starting point. By looking at vein structures on leaves, she began to add texture to the panels with hand-drawn lines and colours. Precisely by preserving imperfections in the drawn lines, patterns are created that gives the facade a natural appearance when you walk past it.

Within the collection, lines are applied in different ways and combined with colour. The Line collection offers endless possibilities for Solarix to develop unique patterns for the facade.

Story behind the design

Eefiene Bolhuis, head designer at Solarix, talks about the design process and development of the Line collection

Licht graniet grijs gekleurd zonnepaneel L-653 | Solarix
Donker graniet grijs gekleurd zonnepaneel L-654 | Solarix
Mistig blauw gekleurd zonnepaneel L-655 | Solarix
Middag blauw gekleurd zonnepaneel L-656 | Solarix
Zand gekleurd zonnepaneel L-657 | Solarix
Klei gekleurd zonnepaneel L-658 | Solarix
Licht brons gekleurd zonnepaneel L-659 | Solarix
Brons gekleurd zonnepaneel L-660 | Solarix
Donker brons gekleurd zonnepaneel L-661 | Solarix
Oker geel gekleurd zonnepaneel L-731 | Solarix
Licht terra gekleurd zonnepaneel L-663 | Solarix
Donker terra gekleurd zonnepaneel L-664 | Solarix
Spring groen gekleurd zonnepaneel L-665 | Solarix
Mos groen gekleurd zonnepaneel L-666 | Solarix
Line collectie | Solarix
Custom design

Looking for something unique?

The Line Collection offers a wide range of colours to choose from. We offer a tailor-made process for architects in which we jointly develop a design that fits perfectly with the project. This can be a design based on the collections or a uniquely developed pattern.

In recent years, we have developed custom panels from the Line Collection for the facades of the city theatre in Maastricht and for a Vila in the Lichtenberg district in Amersfoort.

Energie-opwekkende gevel woning Lichtenberg | Solarix

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