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5 benefits of a solar facade for real estate redevelopment

How sustainable is your building? Solar energy is recognized as the primary energy source in the future. With the increase in regulations regarding energy performance, existing buildings urgently require integrated solutions for renewable energy. Real estate redevelopment plays a crucial role, from meeting the new energy label requirements to the energy yield from the facade.

Discover the 5 benefits of a sustainable solar facade from Solarix for redeveloping real estate!

5 voordelen van gevel zonnepanelen voor vastgoed herontwikkeling | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

1. Complies with the new energy label requirements

Under the new obligations of the Building Decree 2012, an office building must have at least an energy label C from January 1, 2023, to remain in use. According to Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), this means 'a maximum primary fossil energy use of 225 kWh per m2 per year.'

By integrating a solar facade into real estate redevelopment, you achieve two goals at once. Not only do you create an aesthetically pleasing facade, but you also make the building more sustainable in terms of energy consumption. With a Solarix facade, you can even achieve at least one or two label improvements, thereby also generating energy!

First, check the current energy label of your office on the Government EP-online portal, then take our SolarCheck to see what we can offer for your real estate redevelopment.

  1. Creates aesthetic value for redevelopment projects

Solar panels are crucial in the energy transition, but their functionality often compromises a building's aesthetics. Black panels on rooftops, for instance, aren't particularly appealing. Yet, aesthetics are an essential aspect of the urban environment from our perspective. As co-founder Reinier once said in Het Financieele Dagblad: 'solar panels don't have to be objects hidden away on the roof; you can also see them as the beautiful skin of a building.'

With our vision, we combine functionality with beauty. We achieve this through colored facade solar panels featuring various collections in texture, depth, and colors. We go beyond the standard black rooftop solar panels. Solarix thus offers more design and color possibilities for architects and developers to create intelligent buildings.

The fact that our solar facades add aesthetic value to redevelopment projects became evident with the completion of the Pharos office building in Hoofddorp. For this project, a 450m2 facade was adorned with our design facade solar panels. From dull to beautiful and sustainable. During the day, the facade contributes to energy production, while in the evenings, LED points on the facade illuminate the square in front.

Pharos zonnegevel voor renovatie  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix
Pharos zonnegevel  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

3. Replaces existing facade cladding

Many existing buildings aged 25 years or older with facade panels are due for replacement. A new sustainable facade adds value to a building. Solarix panels are not only sustainable but also visually appealing. They give the facade an extra dimension!

Over the past 8 years, our design philosophy has delivered stunning, high-performance facades when replacing existing cladding. With our current team and expertise, we offer a reliable and professional foundation for redeveloping facades ranging from 100m2 to several thousand square meters.

We're keen to offer solutions from facade renovation to comprehensive building or area solutions. Thus, we can step in from the outset or later in the construction process, contributing to real estate redevelopment.

  1. Generates sustainable energy

The facade as an energy supplier? Yes, it's possible! Often, only rooftop solar panels are considered for real estate redevelopment, but utilizing solar energy from the facade provides a better distribution of energy yields and helps prevent grid congestion.

Especially for high-rise buildings, spaces with limited rooftop availability, or unsuitable rooftops, facade solar panels offer a beautiful and sustainable alternative for energy production. The available rooftop space can then be used for rooftop gardens, contributing to urban greening.

We design and develop our own colors and collections of solar facade panels, ensuring optimal performance. A great example is the office redevelopment project of Kuijpers in Helmond, which initially had a conventional facade but now generates sustainable energy.

Kuijpers zonnegevel voor renovatie  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

The Kuijpers office was the world's first building to receive Solarix's innovative, energy-generating, colored solar panel facade in 2018. There, too, the new solar design facade not only enhances aesthetics but also generates so much energy that it powers the entire lighting of the building! Additionally, the LED lighting communicates with the surroundings.

  1. Generates revenue

How much facade space do you have available? While a regular facade yields nothing, a facade with solar panels not only adds aesthetic value but also generates literal energy returns. This way, you harness the full potential of the building and even earn back your investment with the facade.

Using our SolarCheck, we calculate the potential energy yield of the facade, along with payback time and installation costs. The more facade surface area available in real estate redevelopment, the greater the impact and energy output.

Gevel potentie | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

Our vision is that all new buildings and renovation projects in the near future will be equipped with energy-generating solar facades. As a market leader, we offer the best, and notably, the most aesthetically pleasing solution with our design collection featuring optimal colors, efficiencies, and integration possibilities.

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