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Gouden zonnepanelen op gevel Pharos Hoofddorp | Solarix

Pharos business complex

Schroder Capital (Cairn Real estate)
Hoofddorp, NL
Square meters of Solarix panels total & active
340 m2 | 215 m2
Expected yield
11,795 kWh per year

The project

The sustainable Pharos business complex next to Hoofddorp CS station had very sustainable ambitions for redevelopment. Pharos now shows with its energy-producing, smart and beautiful facade from Solarix that the facade of the future has now been realized!

Pharos is an office building from 2003. The goal of clients Cairn (now Schroder Capital) is to transform the building into the healthiest working community in Europe in which circularity and energy supply are central. Part of the building has been renovated, but a new part has also been added. One of the objectives was the realization of an energy-generating facade.

In collaboration with Cube architects, Solarix has proposed a facade that connects, softens and makes the building more sustainable.

"I would approach Solarix again for a project because it can be a large and very good part of the aesthetics and the architecture of the building in combination with an increasingly higher requirement in terms of sustainability.It is a very good solution for that."

Gyula ÖryDirector of Development Schroder capital

Annual CO2 reduction of the Pharos solar facade

Generates an average of 11,795 kWh per year | Equal to the inclusion of 377 trees.
kg / CO2 per year
Gouden zonnepanelen op gevel Pharos Hoofddorp | Solarix

Solarix solar facade

The Solarix solar panels are located in the two golden bands that connect the different building parts. The coloured solar panels are included in aluminium composite carrier elements that can be applied to the various building components. There is a gradient in the colour of the panel so that a dynamic effect is created over the building.

Gouden zonnepanelen op gevel Pharos Hoofddorp | Solarix
Gouden zonnepanelen op gevel Pharos Hoofddorp | Solarix
Gouden zonnepanelen op gevel Pharos Hoofddorp | Solarix
Gouden zonnepanelen op gevel Pharos Hoofddorp | Solarix


Solarix has been involved throughout the entire process as one of the first initiators of the development of Pharos. During the construction preparation, cooperation was sought with facade builder Sorba and electrical installer Kuijpers and Solarix was awarded the order for the realization of the energy-generating facade from main contractor Coare.

Client: Schroder Capital (Cairn Real estate)

Project realization team: Coare, Alkondor, Sorba, Kuijpers, Kameleon, Solarix 

Villa Lichtenberg

Villa Lichtenberg

A beautifully designed, low-energy and maintained villa with a complete energy-generating facade. The facade is designed in a rhythmic pattern of various custom-made coloured solar panels in a combination of moss and sand tones.

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Gevel Hoofdkantoor Kuijpers voor renovatie | Solarix

Head office Kuijpers

Het kantoorgebouw van ingenieursbureau Kuijpers heeft een primeur. Dit is het eerste gebouw in de wereld waarbij in de gevel Solar Design in 2018 al is toegepast.

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Zonnegevel Hoofdkantoor DSM Maastricht | Solarix

DSM-Firmenich head office

In DSM's new head office, solar panels are integrated into repetitive elements in the facade.

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