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De Loskade completed with Solar Design solar panels

In collaboration with Van Wijnen, Solarix has added a beautiful leaf-patterned design and new sensors to the prefab housing concept known as 'Fijn Wonen' (Fine Living).

What is De Loskade?

De Loskade in Groningen is a real estate concept consisting of prefabricated homes that can be placed on-site in just one day. Studio Solarix contributes to the circular goal by incorporating energy-generating solar facades with an attractive design into the prefab housing.

What designs have been chosen?

The leaf-patterned print on the solar panels draws a connection between how nature generates energy (photosynthesis) and how the panels do it. The similarity lies in both generating energy where it is used, not in the middle of the sea or on the other side of the city. The solar facade at De Loskade not only generates energy but also interacts with the environment through interactive LED lighting that responds to how quickly someone goes up and down the stairs. The goal is to playfully encourage people to take the stairs.

What is the current status of the development?

De Loskade has recently been completed with the first facade panels featuring LED lighting in the stairwells. The LED lighting responds to people using the stairs. The smart solar facade panels are already making a significant contribution to making the circular neighborhood of the future more sustainable, safer, and enjoyable. We remain involved with De Loskade for new additions to the homes.

Look at the spectacular opening with Van Wijnen.