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Solar design facade panels applied in the BuurtBoost Optopper by developer VORM

Last year, Solarix was honored to receive the PROVADA Proptech Award from Daan van der Vorm. Fast forward a year, our first collaboration is now a reality with the integration of design facade solar panels in the modular housing solution: De BuurtBoost Optopper.

This plug-and-play solution for affordable sustainable housing on existing real estate is part of BuurtBoost. In February 2022, BuurtBoost teamed up with BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture, DAT Bouwsystemen (VORM's timber factory, part of VORM's Smart2Prefab initiative), The Urban Jungle Project, and Solarix.

In just three months, they developed a complete prototype suitable for topping existing real estate. The result is 'the Optopper,' now open for viewing at Sluishuis in IJburg, Amsterdam.

What is the BuurtBoost Optopper?

Building developer VORM, through the BuurtBoost initiative, launched a modular housing solution: the Optopper. It's a prefabricated, fully-fledged residential apartment made entirely from sustainably produced wood, equipped with a prefabricated bathroom and toilet. The Optopper aims to swiftly provide more affordable homes, applicable to nearly every (post-war) apartment building. It's designed as a flexible housing product for large-scale application, targeting various demographics, following a standardized methodology.

“The housing shortage in our country has reached problematic levels. Finding a home has become nearly impossible for many people”

Mariette BroesterhuizenStrategic Manager - BuurtBoost
Optopper zonnegevel  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix
Optopper zonnegevel  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

“Housing associations and municipalities know what needs to be done: take action, push forward, and rapidly expand the housing supply with affordable, sustainable, and attractive homes, thereby giving the neighborhood a 'boost'. The Optopper is one of the unique products from BuurtBoost within our comprehensive approach that provides a solution for this.”

Optopper zonnegevel  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix
Optopper zonnegevel  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

Sustainable and Nature-Inclusive with Solar Design

The Optopper is prefabricated using sustainably sourced wood by DAT Bouwsystemen, VORM's wood factory. These modular homes come with a prefab bathroom and toilet by Smart2Prefab, another VORM initiative, and are adorned with a solar panel facade by Solarix. The Urban Jungle Project adds a green rooftop garden to the Optopper, creating space for birds, bees, caterpillars, and other insects.

Zonnegevel voor Buurtboost Optopper Vorm | Solarix
Zonnegevel voor Buurtboost Optopper Vorm | Solarix

Solar Design Facade Panels in the Optopper

Solarix Solar Design panels are incorporated into the facade of the Optopper. Depending on the type of dwelling, between 14 m2 and 26 m2 of active facade solar panels are installed. Each home is finished with matching custom dummy corner panels. The houses have an average production of 1800 kWh, meeting the consumption of a standard terraced house. As a result, the energy label of the residence is an impressive A++++, the most efficient and green rating.

With the energy generated, a resident can save between €1080 - €1900 per year (calculated at the current energy price of €0.60) on the energy bill. By generating energy in the facade, the roof space offers further possibilities for sustainability, such as a green roof.

Solarix Solar Design panels not only contribute to the energy generation of the house but also align with BuurtBoost's objective of aesthetically upgrading existing neighborhoods. For the Optopper, designs from the Dot Collection were chosen: a blend of gray tones with depth visible from both near and far. These gray tones complement the architect's desire for a serene, subdued color that matches the anthracite colors in the exterior of the home.

We take pride in the outcome and the wonderful collaboration. The BuurtBoost Optopper with integrated Solarix Solar Design facade solar panels represents a significant step towards beautiful and efficient cities.

For more information about this project: De BuurtBoost

Photography: Michel Kievits and Marijke Krekels

Optopper zonnegevel  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix
Optopper zonnegevel  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix