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Sales and Samples

How and where can I view Solarix facade panels?

We are happy to welcome you at our office in Amsterdam (next to the Tropenmuseum) where we have a multitude of samples, tests and large panels. Appointments can be made on project level with [email protected]

Please indicate before the appointment which project it concerns and which colors and textures you would like to see.

We also supply samples for projects to view Solarix panels. These can be sent all over the world. Request a sample via the sample request page on our website, or contact our sales team directly via [email protected].

What is a Solarix sample?

A Solarix sample functions as an aesthetic assessment of a desired Solarix solar panel design. It is a glass plate of 4 mm thick and with a size of 200×300 mm. The sample therefore does not contain a second glass plate, solar cell and junction box, as is the case with a Solarix solar facade panel. A black backsheet has been used to mimic the appearance of a solar cell.

Do you want a sample in a different format? We can supply custom sized samples for a fee. The delivery time is currently 7 to 9 weeks.

How does the sales process work? / What does the customer journey look like?

Step 1)
If you are interested, we would like to contact you immediately. Through a short intake we will tell you more about our product, discuss the first details of the project and give an initial estimate of the application possibility of a Solarix facade for the project.

Step 2)
Via our no-obligation Solarcheck we calculate the potential energy generation of the facades for the project, we give you insight into the investment and the associated payback time.

Step 3) The customer gives provisional GO to further develop the project.

Step 4)
By means of a signed preliminary assignment (our Solarscan) scan), we look at the project at a detailed level, whether or not together with the project team, we investigate optimization possibilities, we carry out an extensive insolation study including shading, and we make a proposal for the mounting system and electrical diagram.

Step 5)
A permit application is being made for the solar facade project.

Step 6)
Based on a detailed plan, Solarix makes a quotation for the delivery of the panels whether or not including mounting system.

Step 7)
Solarix solar facade panels (including mounting system) are delivered and the construction of a special energy-generating facade can start!

The solar panels, including mounting system, are mounted and installed by partners or third parties. If desired, we at Solarix can be involved as project supervisor.

In which countries does Solarix operate?

At the moment we mainly deliver our products in the Netherlands. Internationally, we work on projects in Belgium, Germany, United Emirates and the US.

Does Solarix have sales representatives abroad?

We do not have sales representatives outside the Netherlands. All sales are handled by our experienced salespeople from Amsterdam.

What are the delivery times of Solarix solar facade panels?

The delivery time for our solar panels is currently (Sept 2022) 18 to 22 weeks. Please contact our sales team for current information via [email protected].

What is the minimum order quantity for my project?

For projects within the Netherlands, our minimum order size is 100 m2.
For international projects, our minimum order size is 500 m2

What is the price of a Solarix solar facade panel?

Prices depend on the type of product, as well as the shape, size and quantity of your order.

Our panels are produced per project with attention to quality and aesthetics. Together with the customer we look for the best solution for every project and we can also translate this into a price indication.

Please contact our sales team for an up-to-date price indication. Mail to [email protected] or call 020-2440641

What is the payback period for a Solarix solar facade?

Payback times of a Solarix solar facade can be achieved from 5 years. This of course depends on the type of project, type of product, orientation, energy costs and other wishes. Request a Solarcheck so that we can go through the business case of your project together with you. Mail to [email protected] or call 020-2440641

What is a SolarCheck?

Our SolarCheck is a first non-binding check on a building. Based on satellite data, we provide an estimate of how much energy your facade can generate in a year. We analyze the orientation of the building in relation to the sun, what the optimal surfaces of panels on the facade can be, and how much CO2 emissions are saved with the generation of this sustainable energy! In addition, we show in outline what the investment will be and what the return is.


Architects and developers

How do I get a detailed insight into the application possibilities of Solarix solar facade panels in my project?

We would like to discuss the application possibilities of our solar panels for your project through an intake interview. We can then make a no-obligation SolarCheck for the project that gives you insight into the potential energy generation of the facades and we give you an initial budget indication.

The next step is a SolarScan. This is a paid pre-order in which we find out in detail how our panels should be integrated into the facade. Think of; detailing, dimensions, research into optimization possibilities, extensive insolation study including shade, and proposal mounting system and electrical diagram.

Contact our sales team via [email protected] or call 020-2440641 to schedule an intake.

Watch our short video about the SolarScan

How much energy can the facade of my building or design potentially generate?

The energy generated by a solar facade depends on various variables such as orientation, tilt/inclination angle, the power of the desired solar panel, location of the building (shade, land), construction of the facade (depth) and the facade surface suitable for our solar panels. On average, our solar panels provide 110 kWh per year in a south-facing facade arrangement.

By means of a SolarCheck we can provide insight into how much energy your facade can potentially generate. Contact our sales team via [email protected] or call 020-2440641 to request a SolarCheck.

Can a Solarix facade be used in new construction and redevelopment/renovation projects?

Yes, a Solarix facade can be used in new construction as well as in redevelopment/renovation projects.

A Solarix facade can provide very favorable business models for both types of projects. A Solarix solar facade replaces the “normal” outer leaf of the facade for a facade that generates energy. The facade therefore pays for itself! This is beneficial not only for new construction, but also for renovation. If you are already working on a facade renovation, then the step is easily made to an energy-generating facade versus a brick wall that generates nothing. We are happy to go through the business case for your project together.

What types of facades are suitable for Solarix solar facade panels?

Solarix solar facade panels can be integrated into almost all facades. In most applications, this is possible with the Solarix mounting system. This is a ventilated facade solution.

Do you have repeatable facade patterns that I can use for Sketch Up, Rhino, Autocad, Revit or other programs?

Yes, digital textures from the Solarix collection are available on request.

I would like to present Solarix panels to my colleagues and/or customers. Do you have any tools that can help me with that?

Yes, we have a number of tools to help you further with the presentation of our solar facade panels:

Do you offer a lunch lecture?

210 / 5,000 Translation results We are always happy to provide lunch lectures on location about the possibilities of using Solarix solar facade panels. If you are interested, please contact our sales team via [email protected] or 020-2440641


What is the revenue model of a Solarix facade?

Dimensions: Standard and custom made

In what dimensions are Solarix solar panels available?

Our standard sizes are:

  • 600 x 1200 mm
  • 600 x 1800 mm
  • 900 x 900 mm
  • 900 x 1800 mm

In addition to our standard sizes, we can supply custom sizes at an additional cost. The minimum size is 347 x 1032 mm and maximum 1305 x 1993 mm (larger sizes only available on request)

How does a customized process work?

Solarix custom solar panels are available in various sizes. The efficiency of the panel depends on the dimensions of the panel in relation to the actual cell distribution. Solarix can advise on efficient dimensions within a project.

Colors and designs

Can I request a custom design?

We have standard designs from our collection (dot, line, mono and effect). These are available in different versions (see document standard collection).

For projects from 500 m² it is possible, together with our product design team, to design a custom design that deviates from our standard collection. This is a paid process, in which various steps have to be taken to arrive at a custom design.

How does a design process work?
  1. Discuss customer wishes with design team Solarix regarding color and design
  2. Design proposal
  3. Order samples
  4. Measuring Yields
  5. Any latest optimizations

Energy performance and regulation

How much does a Solarix panel/facade generate?

The capacities of Solarix solar facade panels are between 110 and 180WP per m², varying per color. For example; green shades go towards 110 WP per m² and black 180 WP per m².

See the collection page on our website for an overview of colors and corresponding capacities.

To which energy requirements can an energy-generating facade contribute?


Can I receive information from Solarix for the BENG application?

For the NZEB application, the capacity per m² (Wp/m²) and the total installed capacity (kWp) are important. This depends on the type of panel, the color and the amount of m². If this is known, we can provide this data in draft. This can then be entered at a fixed rate in the BENG calculation.


Technical information, certification and warranty

What is the weight of a Solarix solar facade panel?

22.5 kg per m2

What are the dimensions of the mounting system?

For the mounting system, you should calculate 67-70 mm from the facade.

Solarix facade suspension

Are Solarix solar facade panels fireproof?

Solarix solar facade panels have fire safety level B according to EN ISO 11925-2 and EN 13823

What type of inverter do I need for Solarix solar facade panels?

This depends on the project, the different types of panels and other wishes. Solarix can make a proposal for an electrical diagram that is then further elaborated together with the E-installer.

Where can I download product information, manuals and technical data sheets?

Request here our catalog.
An application must be made to receive manuals and technical data sheets. Contact our sales team at [email protected] or bel 020-2440641

What is the warranty of Solarix products?


  • 10-year warranty on color retention
  • 20-year warranty for materials and workmanship
  • 25 year warranty for extra linear power output

Linear power degradation guarantee

First year <2%
<0.55%/year over year 2-25
85% power warranty after 25 years



What kind of maintenance does a Solarix facade have?

The cleaning of Solarix solar facade panels can be included with regular glass cleaning. The coating of Solarix solar facade panels is also designed to be self-cleaning, so that dust and dirt is removed with 2 to 3 rain showers. The E-installation will have to be regularly monitored for possible deviations.

Can I conclude a maintenance contract when integrating Solarix solar facade panels into my project?

Yes. A proposal for such a contract can be drawn up before/during/after delivery of the project. Agreements can be made for active fault monitoring and a maintenance plan. Depending on the project, this will be carried out by Solarix or the E-installer.


Distributors and Suppliers

I am a reseller of aesthetic building materials. Can I represent / resell Solarix products in the Netherlands, Europe or outside of Europe?

This depends on your assortment, company size, network and location. We are currently only collaborating within Europe. If you operate within the Netherlands or the EU, please contact our sales department with a short profile of your company.

Do you operate outside Europe? Our minimum order size for projects abroad is 500 m².

I am an E-installer. Can I represent / resell Solarix products in the Netherlands, Europe or outside of Europe?

This depends on your assortment, company size, network and location. We are currently only collaborating within Europe. If you operate within the Netherlands or the EU, please contact our sales department with a short profile of your company.

Do you operate outside Europe? Our minimum order size for projects abroad is 500 m².


Can I get a subsidy for the purchase of a Solarix facade?

Companies can make use of various subsidy schemes:

  • Stimulating Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition (SDE++) is a subsidy for large-scale energy generation projects.

Read more about DSE++

  • Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) is a tax scheme that allows you to create a deductible item on your investments in energy-friendly equipment, buildings or production processes.

Read more about EIA

  • Investment subsidy for sustainable energy and energy saving (ISDE) is a subsidy for small-scale solar panels projects for business users.

Read more about ISDE

Owners’ Association (VVE) can make use of the following scheme:

  • Subsidy Energy saving own home (SEEH) is a subsidy to realize sustainability projects.

Read more about SEEH

  • VvE Energy Saving Loan is intended to provide VVE a loan on attractive terms so that they can make energy-saving investments.

Read more about VvE Energiebespaaringslening

Owners of social real estate can make use of the following scheme:

  • Subsidy scheme for sustainable social real estate (DUMAVA) is intended to help owners of social real estate in the costs of making them more sustainable.

Read more about DUMAVA

The Dutch government encourages investments in sustainability projects with various financial options. Keep an eye on the RVO website regularly for the most up-to-date regulations.


How sustainable is an energy-generating facade?

1 m² Solarix solar facade prevents 3000 kg of CO2 in the lifespan!

That is similar to:

  • 50x from Amsterdam to London by plane
  • 600x by train from Amsterdam to Paris
  • 50 years of zooming together with your colleagues
  • Thee CO2 absorption of no less than 105 growing trees!

So quite sustainable!

Are Solarix panels circular?

At Solarix, circularity is an important point of attention.

Our panels have an aesthetic lifespan of > 50 years, but the solar panel market is not yet at the stage where solar cells can be efficiently separated from glass. This is a ‘challenge’ of the total solar panel industry and there are all kinds of developments in the field of reusing or upgrading solar panels, which we follow closely.

We use 90% recycled aluminum in our mounting system.



Can I work at Solarix?

Yes, of course!

We are always looking for people who want to contribute to a sustainable world with a good dose of energy, entrepreneurship and professionalism

Join us if you:

  • Radiates energy, not only in kilowatt hours but also in enthusiasm!
  • Have a drive to make the world around us a bit more sustainable
  • Love a busy and very educational Scale-up environment in which fast switching is key, there is hard work, but where there is room for a game of ping pong

View our open vacancies here

Couldn’t find the answer? Then send us a message. We are happy to help you!

How much energy does your project generate?

In our non-binding Solarix SolarCheck we calculate how much energy your facade can consume based on satellite data and 3d project drawings.

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