Our colorful Solar Design solar panels as a solar route

Solar Design as a solar route along the A37? We recently showed how it can be done in Emmen with a test setup of our Dot solar panels and we were featured on RTV Drenthe and Dagblad van het Noorden!

Rijkswaterstaat Rijkswaterstaat is exploring how the verges along the A37 can be used to generate solar energy. A unique project in which the development takes place together with surrounding municipalities, the Province of DrentheProvincie Drenthe and network operators Enexis Groep and RENDO-Groep. The selection procedure for this will take place shortly, for which we are of course keeping our fingers crossed!

The solar route
According to Okke van Brandwijk of Rijkswaterstaat De Drentse Zonneroute A37, the intention is to install solar panels along the roadsides, slip roads and various junctions. The so-called solar route with 300 hectares of solar panels would solve the electricity network problems in Southeast Drenthe: 200 megawatts of electricity for about 50,000 households (RTV Drenthe). As a result, the solar route will also be able to make an important contribution to the climate objectives of the Netherlands. Of course we would be happy to contribute to this!

A nice test set-up
There are many possibilities with solar panels, but Studio Solarix knows better than anyone how to combine a beautiful design and energy yields. We were therefore allowed to build a test set-up in the parking lot next to the town hall in Emmen so that local residents and other interested parties could take a look at what our ‘solar route’ could become.

It is of course important that the solar panels are integrated into the landscape, making them a kind of ‘invisible’. We can achieve this well with the Dot and Line collection, in which inspiration is drawn from nature. The wide variety of color options from the collection can contribute to a natural progression with the landscape against which they will lie.

Watch the video from RTV Drenthe here.

Rijkswaterstaat wants to have the zoning plan ready before the summer in collaboration with municipalities and the province. We hope that our Solar Design panels on the A37 can shine!


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