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Inspired by nature: the new Line solar facade panel collection

Line collectie | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

How do you ensure that solar facade panels are aesthetically pleasing and provide efficient energy output? By utilizing special printing techniques and taking nature as a starting point, the latest addition to Solarix Colours emerged: the Line Collection. Designer Eefiene Bolhuis takes you through the development of these new solar panels.

"For this collection, we aimed to introduce a more tactile sense to our designs, reflecting the 'imperfections' of nature that inspired us," explains Eefiene. By observing vein structures on leaves, she started applying hand-drawn lines and color textures to the panels. Retaining imperfections in the drawn lines creates a natural pattern that enhances the facade's natural appearance as you walk by.

“For this, we studied the vein structures of leaves and lines in wood that repeat themselves, thus providing depth and form to the surface. These lines are never perfectly straight; they're all unique and distinct”

Eefiene BolhuisSurface designer
Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix
Line collectie | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | SolarixLine collectie | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

Coloring outside the lines

At Studio Solarix, we are always exploring innovative and endless possibilities. Our solar panels are designed to have unique patterns, allowing for continuous variations on the facades of the built environment. The beauty of the Line collection lies in how the lines are applied and combined with color on the solar panels. Eefiene explains: 'The lines create color nuances up close and suggest flowing movements from afar.'

These flowing movements are created by using a hard pen line on one panel and a softer brush that blends into it on another. Furthermore, by combining multiple lines horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or even overlaying them, we can create even more dimension.

Away from dull black solar panels

Because Studio Solarix's solar facade panels play with lines and transparency, they are anything but dull. The use of the latest printing techniques, inspired by nature, brings these solar panels to life.

“The skin of a building should feel friendly and pleasant to inhabit, look good as you pass by, and exhibit certain natural imperfections”

Eefiene BolhuisSurface designer

Lees en deel onze whitepaper en ontdek de nieuwe collectie!

Furthermore, Eefiene emphasizes that the 'black' of solar panels isn't avoided but smartly integrated into the pattern to enhance energy yields. Therefore, the Line collection can contribute to energy-neutral buildings that generate more energy than they consume and look stunning.

One step closer to our circular ambition

Solarix Colours' latest collection aligns with Studio Solarix's mission to enable the energy transition. 'With our sustainable facade applications, we can achieve over 25% CO2 reduction in the built environment over the next 25 years,' Eefiene explains. Let's embrace more solar facade panels to reduce the CO2 emissions of the built environment!

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