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Pharos with Solar Panel Facade Wins SHARE Award

Pharos zonnegevel | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

The business collective building Pharos in Hoofddorp won the municipal sustainability award, the SHARE Award 2021, at the beginning of October. Studio Solarix is proud to have contributed to the Pharos collective with the realization of a unique design solar panel facade.

On October 6th, Councilor Marja Ruigrok presented the tenth SHARE Award during SHARE Meets Food at the De Olmenhorst estate. According to the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the building is 'a fantastic business card,' as stated in the jury report.

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“Pharos persists in shaping its vision, demonstrates courage, and sets an example for others. Even in these times of a pandemic, Pharos remains committed to its principles. At Pharos, all facets of sustainable innovation converge to make this business and meeting venue the 'healthiest work community in Europe'”

The SHARE Award acknowledges the sustainable and innovative approach of Pharos Hoofddorp, realized through a collective effort involving over 20 innovations. Cairn Real Estate undertook the renovation and redevelopment of the existing building in collaboration with architectural firm Cube architects and interior architect Sheryl Leysner.

Studio Solarix played a dual role within the Pharos collective, acting as both an advisor and the designer of the solar panel facade. Collaborating with partners Sorba, Kuijpers, Techdynamics, and Kameleon Solar, we managed to install 247m2 of solar panel facades on Pharos. This design solar panel facade compensates for 9,450 kg of CO2 emissions per year.

Pharos zonnegevel  | Solar design zonnepanelen | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix