Circular construction and reduction of CO2 emissions.

With Solarix, we want to make a major impact on the global energy transition by reducing CO2 impact and taking steps towards circular construction.

With our sustainable facade applications, we can achieve more than 25% CO2 reduction in the built environment over the next 25 years. More than 36% of all CO2 emissions come from the built environment. With Solarix facade panels, we contribute to energy-neutral buildings that generate more energy than they consume.

Why are solar facades sustainable?

  • Local energy is generated from renewable sources.
  • By not drawing any kWh from other sources to the building, you can save approximately 3000 kg CO2 per m2 during the total lifespan of your Solarix facade solar panels.
  • Energy loss is saved because the energy does not have to be transported, but can be generated and used locally.
  • The energy is generated where you need the energy.
  • Better energy balance.
  • No precious agricultural land is used for solar fields.
  • Fewer building materials are needed in the building, because other facade materials and PV roof systems are replaced.
  • We are making way for greenery and roof gardens instead of sunroofs.

Circular constructionstrong
In de nabije toekomst willen we dat alle nieuwe gebouwen worden voorzien van energieopwekkende gevels. Als marktleider bieden wij de beste en vooral de mooiste oplossing. Facades are the energy sources of the future! Naast de CO2-uitstoot kijken we ook met grote nadruk naar de grondstoffen. Onze gevel zonnepanelen vervangen andere gevelmaterialen en eventueel een PV-daksysteem. Hierdoor kunt u al efficiënter omgaan met grondstoffen en een stap zetten naar circulair bouwen. Bij Solarix kijken we vanuit design oogpunt naar duurzame én mooie producten en gevelsystemen. We onderscheiden ons al in de materiaalreductie van onze panelen en montagesysteem en blijven innoveren in de realisatie van een circulair zonnepaneel op de gevel.

How much energy does your project generate?

In our non-binding Solarix SolarCheck we calculate how much energy your facade can generate based on satellite data and 3D project drawings.

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