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Our colorful Solar Design solar panels as a solar route

Studio Solarix's colorful Solar Design panels as a solar route along the A37? Recently, we showcased a trial installation of our Dot solar panels in Emmen, illustrating the possibilities and gaining coverage on RTV Drenthe and Dagblad van het Noorden!

Rijkswaterstaat is exploring the use of the A37 roadside areas for solar energy generation. This unique project involves collaboration with surrounding municipalities, the Province of Drenthe, and grid operators Enexis Groep and RENDO-Groep. The selection process is coming up soon, and we're keeping our fingers crossed!

The solar route

According to Okke van Brandwijk from Rijkswaterstaat, The Drentse Zonneroute A37 aims to install solar panels along the roadsides, ramps, and various junctions. This "solar route" covering 300 hectares with solar panels could alleviate power grid issues in Southeast Drenthe: generating 200 megawatts for around 50,000 households (RTV Drenthe). This initiative could significantly contribute to the Netherlands' climate goals, and we'd love to be part of it!

A promising trial

There are numerous possibilities with solar panels, but Studio Solarix knows how to blend beautiful design with energy generation. We had the opportunity to set up a trial installation in the parking lot next to the town hall in Emmen, allowing locals and interested parties to see what our potential "solar route" might look like.

Crucial is the integration of solar panels into the landscape, rendering them almost "invisible." With the Dot and Line collections, inspired by nature, we can achieve this seamlessly. The extensive range of color possibilities from the collection can contribute to a natural blend with the landscape they'll inhabit.

Watch the RTV Drenthe video here.

Rijkswaterstaat aims to finalize the zoning plan in collaboration with municipalities and the province before summer. We're hopeful that our Solar Design panels will shine along the A37!