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Stricter BENG requirements in Amsterdam

Solar design  | Nieuwsbericht | Solarix

What are these renewed requirements and how can Studio Solarix support them with design solar panels? Since January 1st, 2021, the energy performance of new construction during permit issuance has been determined by the new national BENG requirements (Nearly Energy Neutral Buildings). However, the City of Amsterdam is taking a step further and introducing stricter rules in July 2021.

Last summer, the City of Amsterdam announced its intention to deviate from the national BENG requirements. BENG is being introduced to replace the EPC. One EPC number is being replaced by three BENG indicators, which better indicate the actual energy use. Amsterdam intends to make these indicators even sharper to make new construction as energy-efficient as possible. BENG distinguishes itself on three measures: energy demand (BANG1), primary energy consumption (BANG2), and renewable energy (BANG3). Studio Solarix's collection helps buildings generate renewable energy, aligning with BENG-3.

In line with their stricter EPC policy

In early 2020, Amsterdam published a roadmap. By 2050, the municipality aims to be climate neutral. With this roadmap, Amsterdam continues its path towards energy-neutral construction. According to them, their own tightened BENG aligns better with the current and already stricter Amsterdam EPC of 0.2, while nationally it is 0.4. The policy is set to take effect no earlier than July 2021. Amsterdam is densely populated, and many apartments are being built there. Apartment complexes often have limited space for solar panels due to their roof area. With Studio Solarix's Solar Design facades, we can easily overcome this problem by equipping the facades with design solar panels, contributing to a sustainable Amsterdam.

Solution by Studio Solarix

It is evident that integrating solar panels into facades is a must to comply with the BENG-3 regulation: renewable energy. It is a highly profitable option to achieve energy neutrality. However, at Studio Solarix, we believe this should not compromise the aesthetics of cities. Therefore, we offer PV facades that, compared to roof panels, generate relatively more energy in winter, autumn, and spring.

The best part? Studio Solarix's modular facade systems can combine active solar panels with non-active panels made of other materials (depending on the design goal). Both panels can be extensively customized with colors, patterns, and LED lighting. This way, we can assist developers in Amsterdam with the stricter BENG requirements. Together, we are building a more sustainable future!

Want to know exactly what the BENG measures entail? Read our previous blog: The impact of the BENG measures.

Interested in learning more about Amsterdam's tightened regulations? Read further on the website of the municipality Amsterdam.

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