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Energie opwekkende gevel | De Staal | Delft | Solarix

De Staal

New construction
Square meters of Solarix panels
570 m2
Expected yield
34,300 kWh per jaar

The project

Located along the A13, De Staal will become the new entrance to Delft. This iconic residential tower designed by du Croq & van Zutphen architects is the center of a special neighbourhood being built on the east side of Delft by real estate developer NovaForm.

The residential tower is divided into 3 parts, for which a collaboration has been entered into with three other innovative architectural firms. Under the supervision of duCroq & van Zutphen, Architectural studio AAAN, Studio RAP and CUBE architects each designed part of the residential tower.

Cube Architects has created the architectural design for the middle part of De Staal. In this block, design is combined with the integration of blue solar panels from Solarix, so that the facades of this block will generate energy for the residents in the tower. In the facade design, inspired by a Delft blue vase, Solar Design panels are integrated into the bent facade panels.


Estimated annual CO2 reduction of the De Staal solar facade

Expected to generate 34,300 kWh per year | Equal to the absorption of 739 trees.
kg / CO2 per year

Solarix solar facade

Solarix has developed the design for the coloured solar panels in standard dimensions with a blue design from the line collection in reference to the Delft colour palette. The hand-drawn lines at different scale levels and blue and white colour combinations are a direct reference to the craft known in Delft pottery. The solar panels are integrated into the bent facade elements, which as a whole provide a dynamic and refined image that provides a different image from different angles.

Energie opwekkende gevel | De Staal | Delft | Solarix
Energie opwekkende gevel | De Staal | Delft | Solarix


Solarix has an intensive collaboration with Cube architects on behalf of Novaform for this project. The project is currently being developed in a construction team with WVH Gevelbouw and main contractor Stebru.

Client: Novaform

Project realization team: Stebru, WVH Gevelbouw, Solarix 

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DSM head office

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