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Gekleurde zonnepanelen Drentse Zonneroute A67 | Solarix

The Drenthe Solar Route A37

Along the A37
Test setup

The project

The Drenthe solar route along the A37 is an ambitious plan by Rijkswaterstaat and architect Marco Vermeulen to install solar panels along the roadsides, entrances, and exits and various junctions. This solar route with 300 hectares of solar panels would solve the power network problems of Southeast Drenthe: 200 megawatts of power for about 50,000 households. As a result, the solar route will also be able to make an important contribution to the climate objectives of the Netherlands.

There are many options with solar panels, but Solarix knows better than anyone how to combine a beautiful design and energy yields. We were therefore allowed to build a test setup in the car park next to the town hall in Emmen so that local residents and other interested parties could have a look at what the 'solar route' could look like.

Gekleurde zonnepanelen Drentse Zonneroute A67 | Solarix
Gekleurde zonnepanelen Drentse Zonneroute A67 | Solarix

Solarix solar panels

In this project, Solarix shows that with Solarix designs, in addition to color, you also have freedom in pattern and finish. The Solarix solar panels have been used in the colors terra, ocher and green from the Dot collection, but due to the large distance to the passer-by on the highway, the scale of the pattern has been increased. In addition, a matte finish was chosen to have as little reflection as possible. This creates a beautiful refinement in the color and material that fits the scale of the landscape.


The Zonne Route was designed by architect Marco Vermeulen for client Rijkswaterstaat. Solarix has been able to create a test setup in anticipation of a final design and development.

Client: Rijkswaterstaat 

Project realization team: Rijkswaterstaat and Solarix

Gekleurde zonnepanelen Drentse Zonneroute A67 | Solarix
Gekleurde zonnepanelen Drentse Zonneroute A67 | Solarix
Villa Lichtenberg

Villa Lichtenberg

A beautifully designed, low-energy and maintained villa with a complete energy-generating facade. The facade is designed in a rhythmic pattern of various custom-made coloured solar panels in a combination of moss and sand tones.

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Circulaire energie opwekkende gevel Van Happen Eindhoven | Solarix

Headquarters Van Happen

To promote Van Happen's core values, Solarix developed an eye-catching facade with circular coloured solar panels and mounting system, using the designs of the Dot collection as a starting point.

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Gevel Hoofdkantoor Kuijpers voor renovatie | Solarix

Head office Kuijpers

Het kantoorgebouw van ingenieursbureau Kuijpers heeft een primeur. Dit is het eerste gebouw in de wereld waarbij in de gevel Solar Design in 2018 al is toegepast.

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