Matte black solar panels for Adyen headquarters

Jun 20, 2022

In the heart of Amsterdam, the empty Hudson’s Bay department store is being converted into the new headquarters of online payment platform Ayden. The matt black solar panels were specially designed by Solarix, as part of making this monumental building more sustainable.

Matt black solar panels on the roof - Solarix

Adyen has the two newly vacated Rokin buildings and the monumental Vleeshal behind it redeveloped in collaboration with contractor Van Wijnen, interior firm Tank and architectural firm Rijnboutt, project organization SGS, property manager CBRE and technical service provider ENGIE.

Circular building

Adyen’s sustainable and circular vision is central to the redevelopment of the monumental building, which fits in well with Solarix’s vision to accelerate the energy transition.

For example, one of Adyen’s most important wishes is to use the materials already present as much as possible. According to branch director Wesly Verhaert, Adyen “goes for the BREEAM certificate Very Good to Excellent, a quality label for minimal environmental impact during construction and the operational phase afterwards.”

In addition to reusing materials, Adyen also looked for the possibility of generating energy with one of the three new office buildings. Roy Leegwater, project leader at ENGIE Services West, explains: “By installing solar panels and redesigning the restaurant kitchen, Rokin 49 and the Vleeshal will become gas-free buildings.”

However, in view of the monumental nature of the buildings, such as the old Vleeshal, regular roof solar panels are not an option. Architect Rijnboutt and client ENGIE therefore opted for an aesthetic solution with Solarix design solar panels.

    Matt black solar panels for Adyen headquarters - Solarix

    Research into matte black solar panels

    Matt black solar panels for Adyen headquarters - Solarix

    129 / 5,000 Translation results Matt black solar panels that generate energy and match the color of the anthracite gray roof tiles of the former Vleeshallen.

    Aesthetic preservation with black solar panels

    Adyen’s sustainable and circular vision fits in perfectly with our ownvisie, but as Solarix we also add an aesthetic dimension to it. Together with architect Rijnboutt, it was decided not to go for ‘regular’ black solar panels, but for a color that blends in with the current roof covering. Solarix has therefore developed matt black energy-generating solar panels especially for the Adyen headquarters that match the color of the anthracite gray roof tiles.

    The aesthetic color assignment was not the only great design challenge, because we also started working on the dimensions of the panels. These had to correspond to the grid dimensions of the existing framework. Solarix has developed specific dimensions for the solar panels especially for this.

    Based on circularity and sustainability, the old office buildings are optimally transformed for the Adyen head office and they receive energy-generating solar panels by Solarix that are not only effective, but also give an extra design dimension to the old monumental building.

    For more information, also see contractor Van Wijnen, interior agency Tank and property manager CBRE.


    Matt black solar panels for Adyen headquarters - Solarix

    Our standard panel size 600 x 1290 mm was used for the first time in this project.

    Matt black solar panels for Adyen headquarters - Solarix

    The matt black panel is printed with a fine-mesh pattern in anthracite.

    Black solar panels up close - Solarix

    Specifically for this project, a mounting system was chosen with a technical appearance that matches the color of the panels.

    Matt black solar panels for Adyen headquarters - Solarix

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